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  • Forum Thread: Dell XPS 730x i7 920 Memory and SSD Upgrades

    Ok so after some looking around, I am a little confused about what upgrades I can make on this old beast. I was first under the impression my system can only handle 6GB of ram. Now I am reading that it can actually take up to 12GB IF I update the BIOS(never been done since purchase). Is this true? On...
  • Forum Thread: Dell XPS 8300 motherboard change

    Hello, I own a Dell XPS 8300 since 2011. Unfortunately my printer destroyed my motherboard with a electric shock. Can I put a other microATX motherboard in my PC? I heard that a few people had problems with Windows 7, because it only works with the Dell OEM motherboard, but other wise I heard that...
  • Forum Thread: 45nm CPU in Dell Optiplex 745

    Hi I have a Dell Optiplex 745 Small Tower with an Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 (65nm) . At home, I still have an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (45nm). I updated the BIOS of my pc to the latest version, HEIDEN_2.6.6. Is it possible to put the 45 nm in my mainboard? Thanks!
  • Forum Thread: SATA connections on the Dell Inspiron 3000, Model 3847

    I just purchased a run of the mill Dell Desktop Model 3870 using the dell 088dt1 motherboard. The motherboard has four SATA connectors numbered 0-3. My question is, are any of these connectors compatible with SATA 6Mps drives? I'm buying an SSD for the System and Programs and leaving the 1TB...
  • Forum Thread: Case upgrade for Dell Inspirion 3847

    Hello, I wanted to know if it is possible for me to change out computer cases. I desire to use exisiting parts from my dell computer and transfer them over into a Rosewill Challenger computer case? I've recently begun upgrading my computer little by little, and came to conclusion that my computer...
  • Forum Thread: Replacing a Dell Optiplex GX520 Desktop CPU fan

    The CPU fan on my Dell Optiplex GX520 Desktop has stopped working. I would like to replace it but I can not find any documentation. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Forum Thread: Dell Smartcard Keyboard KB813

    The new Dell Keyboard KB813 allows you to lock your PC automatically by pressing the F4 key. We have a piece of software that requires the User to use the F4 key, therefore every time they attempt to use the key the PC locks. Is there any way to disable this? I have removed the driver and updated...
  • Forum Thread: DELL OPTIPLEX 380 Mini Tower

    I Recently Obtained A Dell optiplex 380 mini tower from a school auction, it came with no ram installed and no hard drive. i just obtained a hard drive and a stick of ram 4gb ddr3 pc3-12800 240 pin from crucial.the problem is the only thing it will do is light up and beep, the error lights are 1 and...
  • Forum Thread: evga 500w psu and dell inspiron 530

    Hi I have a dell inspiron 530 (minitower) need to upgrade powersupply Is evga 500w psu compatabile
  • Forum Thread: Dell Optiplex 360 Upgrade

    I was wondering what are best upgrades i can do to my pc. any help would be amazing. thank you
  • Forum Thread: (redirected) Dell computer won't print to HP printer sometimes

    Dell Inspiron 530 won't print to HP Officejet 2620 under certain conditions: A 13 Mb MS Word document with attached graphic. Ideas? /Karl
  • Forum Thread: Reinstalling my Dell Vostro 220 tower... help welcome

    hi everyone. I am leaving the country and going travelling. I want to donate my Vostro 220 tower to the social enterprise I have set-up, but before I do I want to do a complete re-install. However I never received installation disc(s) for Win7. Can anyone advice how to make sure how I get...
  • Forum Thread: Problems with my Dell Inspiron 580 tower

    I have had some computer problem ever since I had a power failure when i was in the middle of shutting down. I have made it start but i am having issues with the sound its making. I think it could be the fan hitting something or its lose but im not entirely sure. It is also blue screening alot and having...
  • Forum Thread: Updating cpu, gpu, ram and power supply on a Dell Inspiron 570

    Ok I have a Dell Inspiron 570 which I would like to upgrade the power supply, gpu and cpu for a game I'm interested in that uses alot of resourses, but having issues finding out what this mobo can carry. If it helps , the game is ARMA 3 System profile is Dell Inc. Inspiron 570 00 2.90 gigahertz AMD...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 3847 Desktop Details

    I was just wondering some specific details about this dell in specific this one: so this are my questions: 1. How much power supply does it have? 300w? 220w? 500w? 2. Does it have Pci Express 2.0 or 3.0?
  • Forum Thread: Intel Core 2 Quad-Core Q8300 2.5 GHz Processor SLB5W and Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop?

    I recently found an Intel Core 2 Quad-Core Q8300 2.5 GHz Processor on eBay, and I am wondering If I will be able to install this into my Dell Inspiron 530 desktop, before buying it. None of the specifications of the PC have been changed since purchase, and it is still in good nick Thank you in advance...
  • Forum Thread: Switching HDD from RAID to NON RAID

    Okay so I have a Dell XPS 8300. I have an SSD with windows on it and then 1 TB of Seagate HDDs as "slaves". The slave is (was) a RAID 0 setup. One of the HDDs was making a high pitch sound so I disable RAID using ctrl i and figured out which one. So, the problem is, now that I know which HDD...
  • Forum Thread: dell Inspiron 660 beeps repeatedly on boot

    Hi, having a horrible problem with my Inspiron 660 which I've had since June 2012 shut down normally last time used, booted this time, screen showed dell then a black screen and desktop repeatedly beeped (didn't stop) very concerned what is the problem?
  • Forum Reply: RE: km 632 keyboard+mouse media keys not working.

    Thanks a lot! Solved my problem that were driving me CRAZY!!!
  • Forum Thread: Dell DM061

    Hi, I'm a new user here at Dell but I have an extremely old PC and I want to ask something... Can anyone tell me if my desktop can accept any Intel Pentium G20XX processor? Or if cannot what is the most powerful cpu my pc can accept? TQ I want to upgrade my PC
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 546 Random Shutdowns

    I've had this computer for a few years but a problem has come up in the last year or so that I'm unsure how to fix. So far it's only happened when I play certain games. I load the game and can play for say 5-10 minutes, when suddenly the monitor goes black and the computer just stops responding...
  • Forum Thread: Support Knowledge Newsletter - Issue 4

    Issue 4 – Welcome to the Dell Community Knowledge Article Newsletter. With these publications you can stay informed with some of the latest troubleshooting guides and resolutions across various client system lines. For more updates don’t forget to follow us on Twitter. @DellCaresPro ...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Dimension XPS M200 Manual?

    I'm trying to take apart the M200 desktop computer that I've had since 1998ish. Only desktop that I can't figure out how to open. Has no latches, only one screw which I took out. Tried pulling, pushing and lifting the side casing and nothing. A manual with pictures or video would be preferred...
  • Forum Thread: Power Supply Gone Wild?

    We have a great Dell refurb that has taken to insanity... At some point the machine was unplugged and when it was plugged back in the power light turned amber (without being pressed on) and after a few seconds a fan started racing at frantic speed. I unplugged it again, but since then it has turned...
  • Forum Thread: inspiron 660 wont turn on!

    I came back to my dell desktop only to see it powered off. I tried to turn it on using the power button but nothing happens, no sound. The back off the computer, there's no green light! It's probably the PSU but, i don't know what to do. P.S.~ the computer was on sleep mode before it couldn't...