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"Home" button on keyboard


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"Home" button on keyboard

  • My "Home" button on my keyboard does not work anymore. Any ideas? Do I need to reinstall drivers?
  • Does it only happen in some applications but everything, like Word and Notepad and other stuff.  What keyboard is it and what model is it
  • Which "home" button do you mean? The one in the editting keys, the 7 key, or the "My Home" quick launch key?

  • My keyboard is a Dell with the shotcut buttons at the top: Back, Forward, Stop, Refresh, Home, and on the other side of the top:Mail, My Computer, Calculator and combination volumn control.

    The only button that does not work is my Home button. It quit (I believe) when I changed to FoxFire. It used to bring up Internet Explorer, but now nothing happens.
  • I own a Dell Inspiron 1525n Laptop running Ubuntu Linux.

    The Small, round button, Which has a HOUSE drawing on it, which is to the left of the Num-Lock LED, does nothing!?

    What is it there for?

  • HiramA - What operating system? XP or Vista?

    If it's XP, you may be able to use TweakUI, free from Microsoft, to reset the function of the home key. Go here and look for the link to download TweakUI. Install and launch TUI and expand list under Explorer at the left . Then click on Command Keys and look in the right pane to see if you can set the Home key to do whatever you want, eg launch Firefox, or...

    Microsoft never released a TUI for Vista, but there's a free 3rd party app that does similar things. Google for it...


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