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Error Message: Previous Fan Failure Hit F1 to continue


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Error Message: Previous Fan Failure Hit F1 to continue

  • Hello,

    I rebooted my Dell XPS P4 3.0 HT yesterday, upon rebooting a received an error message of Previous Fan Failure hit F1 to continue or F2 to run setup.  I tried hitting the F1 key, and the F2 key and the PC did nothing,  I even held down on Ctrl, Alt, Del, and had no luck.   I then proceeded to do a cold reboot, this time in loaded straight into Windows.  I shut down completely after that and received the same message, and I was still unable to continue by hitting the suggested keys.  I usually leave the PC running at all times, but now I have left it shutdown for fear of frying the CPU.  Now everytime I reboot or shutdown,  I get this error message.  A friend suggested that the CPU fan may need to be replaced, has anyone else had this problem or does anyone have any suggestions? 



  • First you should try reseating the connection to the fan. Unplug the system from the wall outlet and open the case. Locate and unplug and replug the connection to the fan. Then boot the system to BIOS and clear the error log. Then attempt to boot the system. Once you have done this see if you are still getting the error. If you are contact Dell and get the fan replaced.
  • Thanks for the reply One TrickDog,

    I did some research, and I found that the XPS is equipped with five fans, here is an excerpt from the web site:

    there's ventilation airflow around and behind it for one of five (count 'em) cooling fans -- three for the system interior, which work well enough, that the Pentium 4 processor gets only a hefty heat sink instead of a fan of its own, and two for the power supply, which is walled off in its own space at the bottom of the tower. 

    So my question to you is where do I begin?  One of the IT techs here at my job told me that it is common to receive that type of error message when the power supply fan(s) is not operating properly.


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  • I would remove the computer out in the open where I could inspect it.  Then with the machine unplugged I would open up the case and trace back each fan to it's power source.  I would then unplug and re-plug each fan power cord back in to insure a good connection.  Then with the case still open I would boot up the machine and if the message still appears I would then visibly inspect each fan to make sure it is running.  The power supply fans can be inspected from the outside.  If there was a fan not running or it lagged on starting up I would make note of it and call Dell Tech Support for a replacement.
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  • Same problem with Case Fan at Poweredge

    do anyone knows the minimum RPM that a Silent Fan must have

    to be seen at Boottime by the Bios Rev. A12?



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