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old joystick to new computer?


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old joystick to new computer?

  • Old joystick is Microsoft Force Feedback with a 15 space plug I think.  Is there a way to adapt this to a USB cord?  I have emailed Dell twice.  First response told me to plug into Green # 17 serial connector.  Wrong size, does not match.  Second effort got me a Windows site to go to.  This told me how to plug an use USB cables.  This cannot be this hard.  Is there an adapter to convert my joystick to a USB port or an adapter to go to the serial port?  Thanks in advance, Jim.
  • There are adapters, but I can't vouch for how well they work.  Either do a web search or check at stores such as Best Buy, Circuity City, CompUSA, etc as they should have what you're looking for.  On the other hand, a new USB joystick may be fairly close in price to what the adapter/converter is.

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  • Hello-They do make gameport to USB adapters, usually about $15 retail in the USA. They work most of the time, not as well with older joysticks, not as well with force feedback units.
  • For those scanning these boards--Do not use a gameport to USB adapter on Win XP for the Sidewinder joysticks. They will not be recognised. If you have a Sidewinder you are stuck with Win 98 or earlier. Only solution is to buy a new USB joystick.