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Must Restart Computer To Get Internet Access


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Must Restart Computer To Get Internet Access

  • Lately I have to restart my computer every 2 days in order to get internet access.  I keep my computer on all the time and it's fine until the second day.  Then I try to go to a site and I get "This page not available".  I the restart and it's fine for 2 more days.  I got a new cable modem and did a virus check to no avail.  Any suggestions.



  • Hi,

    Try clearing your temporary Internet Files in Control Panel Internet Options

    Computer model & more imprtantly operating system & browser version would be helpful.


  • Also grab the free spyware and adware programs on the web and use them regularly.
  • I have been having the same or very similar problem lately.

    I'm on the Comcast Churchville node in Maryland. They have had no problems worth bringing  up for the three years I have used their service. But they recently have had a recurring problem which I figured was causing my problems with reaching the Internet (polling of the modem continues to look normal).

    I find that going to control panel - network connections  and disabling and enabling my network adapter will get it started again. Takes much less time than a restart.

    Are you on a totally different ISP? If you are it could be Microsoft made a change and will change it back when they get the word and have the time. I have seem several problems come and go with no apparent reason in the past.

    Whoever it is lets hope there fix it soon.

  • Filmguy, Are you perhaps using a firewall that locks after a certain amount of time?

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