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Mouse does not "cut" or copy text and "paste"

  • A strange problem:  I am used to highlighting text in a document to copy it and paste it elsewhere, but my Dell Dimension mouse (looks like it's made by Logitech, if that helps) does not always copy the highlighted text when I do either a right-click and "copy" from the menu, or "Ctrl-C" on the keyboard.  When I go to "paste" or "Ctrl-V" on the keyboard, nothing happens.   Sometimes, it seems, it takes 3-4 times to perform the "paste", if at all. Most annoying.

    Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't.  I note that I recently tried to highlight words that were hyperlinked words, and they did not copy.   Whether or not this is always the case, I don't know.  I would like to put this problem out there for a solution, please.   I did a troubleshoot on my mouse using the built-in troubleshooter, and it said it was working properly. 

    Appreciate any help with this.


  • Reminds me of the Blaster Worm we had 6 months ago.  You might need to do a virus scan and then go to the Microsoft website at and download the patch.



  • Thanks... that did not occur to me (Blaster), but I'll doublecheck to make sure that is not the case.   I've also updated all my critical Windows updates, which presumably includes the patch.