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J9H2 cable broke! @_@


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J9H2 cable broke! @_@

  • While changing case for my 4550 dim the "Front panel switch" (J9H2) cable broke off at the end where you connect it to the mobo,  cant start my comp because it's like i dont have a power switch now....Is there anyway I could buy a new one from somewhere?

  • You shoould be able to get the cable assembly (and maybe the front panel switch as part of the assembly) from Dell. 

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  • joe05.

    You can buy a replacement proprietary cable from Dell Spare Parts Phone 800.372.3355 Ext 69937



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  • Thanks alot to the people who helped, as for "supacool" or whatever, yeah it does but you don't have to go and say moronic things to rub it in.....unless you enjoy making a (insert bad word) out of yourself .

    Well' I'm off to call that number now!

  • Part number 6N429, which, if you don't know, won't work with a third party case, or just any Dell chassis.

    Good luck.