How to turn on the PC without using the power button


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How to turn on the PC without using the power button

  • Hello everybody,

    Is there a way to turn on / off a DELL DIMENSION PC without using the power button? We integrate such PCs into information kiosks, so the PC box is completely hidden into the kiosk's box. We have to find a way to turn it on / off without having to open the kiosk body. Is there a way to configure Windows or the BIOS so that when we use the "shutdown" optin of Win XP, the PC does not completely turns off, but just shuts down the operating system. Thas ways, we could use an eletric switch to make the hardware switch off /on externally.


    Daniel Perruchoud
  • Hello,

    I believe there is a spot in the bios settings that you can set the computer to turn on at a certain time everyday.  What model of the Dell Dimension are you working with? 


  • It's a DELL DIMENSION 2400 with win XP.. and in the bios there is a flag to turn on the system at a time in the day, but we should be able to turn on the computer "at will"...
  • OK, thanks for your answer.

    Best regards,