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HP DeskJet 820Cse printer not working with Dimension 4600/XP Pro (parallel port)


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HP DeskJet 820Cse printer not working with Dimension 4600/XP Pro (parallel port)

  • I've tried installing the printer and drivers using the instructions from Dell (3 calls to Tech Support and still unable to figure out the problem), Microsoft and HP and I have changed the port configuration to EPP.  The printer icon shows up under "Printers and Faxes" as this printer is available in the XP drop down menu so I assume the drivers are loaded.  When I attempt to print, a window appears indicating that the print job is spooling to LPT1 but there is no response at all from the printer - the lights are on but nobody is home.  I'm using an IEEE 1284 compliant cable.  I know the printer is circa 1995 but I having been successfully using it with a Sony Vaio laptop, also running XP Pro so I don't think it's an XP issue.  Any ideas on how to get this printer running are much appreciated.  Thank you!
  • The EPP port mode is the desired mode for older printers.  Check the cable to make sure there isn't a bent pin in the connector causing problems or a "pushed pin' in the female part of the connection (a female pin that has been pushed out of it's socket and not making contact).  Also, try a different cable and make sure it's a good grade bi-directional cable, HP's are sensitive to the cable being used and it needs to be less than 3 meters (3 ft).  Also make sure the cable is a "full pin" cable with all the wires, not one that has "minimum" wires as some control signal may be missing.

    The printer/cable may work well with the Sony but the Sony may have slightly more current/voltage drive on the Printer port than the Dell does and the cable could still be an issue. 


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  • Here is a file that may help -


  • Thanks for your help but even with a new cable (bi-directional, 1.8m), the printer is still not responding.  Maybe I need to return the Dell and buy a Sony desktop... :-)