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  • There used to be a file on the Dell website called which allowed you to enter the asset tag id into bios. Any ideas where I can get this file ?


  • Ian,

    Thank you for visiting DELLTalk.

    You can download a Dell System Utility package that has the file for setting the tag ID in BIOS. This file can be downloaded here.

  • I'm looking for a utility that can retrieve the asset tag number from the BIOS and store it in a text file.  The ASSET.COM only works when booted from DOS.  We're hoping to use this during a user's login in order to capture the service tag for inventorying, connecting to the computer and user names at the same time.  Ideally, it should be able to redirect its output to a file.  Thanks.
  • Well, if you want the service tag, there is an app named SM_INFO.EXE that runs in Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 environments.

  • Thanks!  That's exactly what I was looking for. 
  • Started using this resently to autocapture the service tags as we put new systems on our network via a MSIF driven unattended process.  Developed the script below to capture/isolate the service tag into a variable for later conditional processing, and thought others might find this useful.  Script assumes Dos 6.22.  Requires change.exe from/complements of MSIF process.

    << SERVCTAG.BAT >>

    @echo off
    ::Gets Dell Service Tag into Variable
    :: Blame Mont McCathern
    :: 20031002
    cd temp
    asset |find "Service" >get.bat
    change get.bat Service Set
    type get.bat |find "Set" >settag.bat
    call settag.bat
    FOR %%a in (*.) do SET SERVCTAG=%%a
    echo set SERVCTAG=%SERVCTAG% >>a:\temp\vars.bat
    del ?et*.bat
    del %SERVCTAG%

  • Is there another source for the SM_INFO.EXE utility? The link mentioned does not seem to work.
  • This thread appears to contain a link to the information you require.
  • Thank you!
  • The link in message 2 above takes you to the general download section. I don't see anything called system utilities in the download section. (When I use my system utilities and drivers CD, I can't find anything related to either.)

    What am I missing?
  • That url format is from 2001 and is obselete!

    Search for R21706 in the Dell file library

  • IanLaity wrote:
    There used to be a file on the Dell website called which allowed you to enter the asset tag id into bios. Any ideas where I can get this file ?

    Dell System Utilities, A14 R21706 Z8314R14.exe
    Dell Asset Tag Utility - Is a MS-DOS program for
    displaying and setting the system asset tag and
    system owner tag.



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  • Will that version work with Win XP on a Precision 530??

  • no. you need sm_info.exe
  • Sorry to jump in here, but I own an Inspiron 5100 running Windows XP.  When I recently had my mother replaced because of a hardware issue, the rep did not and said that he could NOT update my Service Tag.  I have the contents of the floppy on my desktop computer; however, I have been unable to make it into a bootable floppy for my laptop.  When I tried to do so, it did not work.  Is there something that I am missing here.  Also, how I get this changed in some other way?  Thank you for your help.

    P.S. was included in the disk that Dell service rep left me.  I see that you recommend another app.  How do I get Dell to send this to me?  I do not have a CD called, "Dell Resource CD."  I only have 2 CD's for drivers, etc.  Where I can find the necessary CD's and instruction to show me how to do this?

    Thank you in advance!