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difference between a Mini-Tower Chassis and a Micro-Tower Chassis?

  • Am thinking of purchasing a computer from Dell but can not find the difference between the Mini-Tower and Micro-Tower Chassis? 

    What I can find is a description of the Mini-Tower Chassis in the Catalog.  I can not seem to find a description of the Micro-Tower.

    My concern is that while searching Dell's site I want to make sure that I find a Chassis that will accomodate Two Hard Drives internally.

    My other computer has crashed but from checking it seems my Hard Drive is OK and I wish to install it into a new Dell since being unable to bring my old system up or get a screen I can't use the transfer software available thru Dell.

    I just want to give myself as many options as possible when choosing a system and I may consider the purchase of a refurb unit.  Can anyone help with the differences in the two types of Chassis's?

  • Best to go by model numbers -- the Dimension 2400 and 4600C only allow 1 hard drive (the 2400 will fit a second with a third party adapter). The Dimension 4600 and 8200 accept two. All but the 4600C will accept an addition hard drive in the second optical spot if you have only one optical drive.

    All Optiplex systems except for the SX270 and the GX270 with Desktop or Small Form Factor cases accept two. All that accept two will accept an additional hard drive in the second optical spot if you have only one optical drive.

    All Precision Workstation and Poweredge SC servers accept at least two drives.