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Dimension 8300. CPU temp monitoring? Cooling solutions? or upgrades?


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Dimension 8300. CPU temp monitoring? Cooling solutions? or upgrades?

  • Hello I have a Dell Dimension 8300 system with a P4 3.2 800mhz FSB.

    And im also running a Radeon 9800 xt.


    I use this system for gaming for long periods of time. Im concerned about the CPU temp of the system.

    I cant seem to find anyway of monitoring CPU temp with the Dell system. Is there something im missing?


    Also with the design of the Dim 8300 case there is no place to add any sort of chassie fan. Im wondering if I should be worried about this. Id feel much safer if I was able to see the temp of my CPU. Do these systems stay cool without a chassie fan?

    Are there any upgrades (Cooling Solutions) I can make to this system without voiding warrenty?




  • You could install some external temperature monitoring.  I saw a two temperature LCD display unit at ComUSA, under $10.  The display mounts in a standard 5 1/4" space and it has two probes you can put wherever you want it inthe PC for temperature monitoring.  

    Would probably do what you wanted for monitoring, at a reasonable price since the Dells do not have CPU temperture monitoring capability.


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  • Your system is designed to exhaust heat as you currently have it configured.

    You could add a PCI slot fan cooler to exhaust more of the heat.  They're a bit noisy, but they do work. 

  • So do you think I should worry about the temp in this system?

    I dont do any sort of overclocking. System is totaly stock.

    My only worry is the fact that I game for long periods of time.


    So would you agree that the cooling in this system as it is would be adaquat?



  • Even though I'd prefer the 43XX/45XX/82XX/83XX case to be a little more open on the front bezel side of the chassis, the fact is that they've designed the thing with the passive heatsink in mind and no doubt tested it heavily via utilities and gaming tortures.

    I honestly wouldn't worry about the temps in the case *beyond* being sure that the tower isn't closed up in a non-vented cabinet/desk, or in an especially warm room.

    I'm not sure if a software like "motherboard monitor" can be used on an OEM system, but you might download it and see.

    Intel chips run much cooler than AMDs, and they have a thermal safety shutdown if they get too hot - shutting the system down before the CPU or mb are damaged.

    Hope this helps...

  • Yes it helps a great deal :)


    TY kindy for the advice. 

    And your correct that Software temp monitors will not work with this type of system.

    I imagine without the actual sensors on the MoBo any software app would be useless.


    I have ADIA32 and the sensor feature is not functional.