"Print Screen" on keyboard


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"Print Screen" on keyboard

  • Does any one know where i can find the image after i hit "print screen" on the keyboard?? I have win98se.

  • Hi,

    The image is saved into your clipboard and can then be pasted into a graphics program or elsewhere.

    This assumes however that you also use the left Windows key between CTRL & ALT ( or the same key on the right hand side of the keyboard ) at the same time as hitting the Print Screen button. Unless you do this as well, "Print Screen" does not work, this is not well documented.

    Once advised how to do it, one of my colleagues used this method to save numerous images from a screen saver to use on Christmas cards.


    Ceri Sheeran

  • Actually the Print Screen Key captures the entire screen whereas the Alt-Print Screen captures only the active window.

    Win-Print Screen does nothing other than revert to Print Screen. At least that is what is says in Win98 Help. Ceri, please correct me if I am wrong, and include the OS you are using.

  • To use the image or save it, Open
    Paint, Click Edit then Paste and your
    image should be there for you to use.
    Merry Christmas

  • Jim,

    I'm running Windows 98 SE,

    I've tried ALT & Print screen and left Windows key & Print Screen.

    Both work the same way when pasting a screen into Windows Paint.

    The help file on my systems does say ALT & Print Screen but I've always used Left Windows Key & Print Screen.

    This is probably another of Bill's Mysteries of the Universe aka how Windows works.


  • Ceri: Thank for getting back.

    On every computer I have used they work as advertised:

    Print Screen captures the entire screen. Win Print Screen does the same.

    Alt Print Screen captures just the active window.