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My computer will not let me shut-down properly

  • I am having a problem shutting down my computer. After I go to "start" & "shut-down", it starts to shut down normally,but it just stays busy on the screen where it looks as if it has a haze over it. Also recently some programs are "freezing-up", and not letting me do anything. To get out of them i have to hit Ctrl+alt+dlt, and "end task". What do i need to do to fix it?
  • I'm having similar problems. I'm running Windows 2000. I hit 'Start' and ten 'Shutdown'. It starts shutting down but then stops. Can't then power-off except by unplugging. Any ideas?
  • Although I haven't gotten my computer to power off properly yet, I do suggest:

    Do not unplug your computer to turn it off.
    Instead you can hold down the power button for just over five seconds and the system will power off - you can do this at any time.