Intel(r) 82802 Firmware Hub device


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Intel(r) 82802 Firmware Hub device

  • I just reformatted my hard drive in a Deminsion L733r. I got all the drivers loaded. I get unknown device which on another Dell L733r is the Intel(r) 82802 Firmware Hub device. How do I install this driver.?
  • The exact steps vary depending on which version of the Dell Resource CD you have. (ie. when did you get it?) The firmware hub is part of the basic chipset and should have been installed before any other drivers.

    Call tech support and they can tell you where the driver is, or send me the invoice date of your system and I can email the steps to you. (it's hard for me to locate messages in these long lists)

  • That device is the Intel Security Driver. Download this driver either from Intel or from the Dell file library and install it. The device will finally be properly identified. :)

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