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Computer won't wake up


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Computer won't wake up

  • I have an XPS-B733r, and if I leave it on for more than a couple of hours, it won't wake up with either mouse clicks or keystrokes. I have the Display Properties Settings under the Screen Saver tab set to "Home/Office Desk, with System Standby set to "Never," the monitor set to turn off after 20 minutes, and "Turn off hard disks" set to "Never." After about 2 or more hours of being left on, I need to use the reboot button, and I get the stern Windows warning during Startup, when Scandisk starts, reminding me to shut the system down properly.
    I'll switch to "Always On," but is what is happening now correct?

  • Hi,

    Something you're running, perhaps a screensaver, perhaps something else, may have a memory leak. You might try either disabling your screensaver or choosing a simple, non-3D one, and see if that will help you. In addition, try closing running applications--not everything, mind you, but anything that would be actively trying to run during this time.

    The behavior is not normal for the power management settings which you had been using.

    Good luck,

  • I have the same problem as described under "random power downs" posted last night around 11PM. I haven't gotten any responses, so let me know if you find something that works. Thanks and good luck!


  • To make a super long story short...

    1. December 22,1999 I received my Brand New Dell Computer I paid $2,431.72 for.

    2. Beginning right away, December 23, 1999, my computer kept locking up and doing other mysterious things. Yes, this was in the 30 day Warranty period.

    3. During my 30 day Warranty period I was assured by the Support Tech that the problem would be resolved. Reason for not returning my Dell Computer right away.

    4. After numerous calls to Dell Support between January 10, 2000 thru today April 30, 2000, and after many visits to my home by Dell to replace the Motherboard, CPU, Memory, Power Supply and the Hard Drive, Dell conceded that I got a Lemon and was going to send me a new computer.

    5. Friday, April 28, 2000 I received my new computer.

    6. I set up my new computer and low and behold I saw a big tag on the box that said REFURBISHED.

    I paid $2,431.72 for a NEW upgraded computer in December and now in April I have a $2,431.72 USED computer.

    My new REFURBISHED computer 3 days old is doing the same thing!!!

    Good Luck with DELL!!

  • My problem is not disimilar, but my machine turns itself off at random.

    It is 5/1, how did you fix the problem? Did Dell help?