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Where's the headset plug-in?


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Where's the headset plug-in?

  • Where do I plug in my headset/microphone?

  • Typically, it will plug into the microphone and speaker out jacks on the sound card, where the speakers are connected.

  • So does this mean that I need some kind of splitter on my headset/microphone plug, to seperate the mic-in signal and the audio monitor signal? If so, does this mean that I have to unplug my speakers everytime I want to use my Headset/Microphone? Seems like there should be an easier way!

    Thanks for your help!

    P.S. Why doesn't Technical Support at Dell answer my emails? I chose Dell because of their reputation, but so far, I'm very dissapointed! Sorry, just venting a little here, but maybe you can pass my opinion on to someone who cares.

  • If the headset is just a microphone, such as some used for voice activation software, then you do not need a splitter. Simply connect it to the microphone port on the sound card (typically the red jack).

    As for your e-mail to Dell support, I'm showing one e-mail from the address listed in your profile. It appears it was sent as an attachment. Dell Online Services asks that you not send attachments (including e-mail messages that can only be viewed in Microsoft Word, Microsoft RTF or HTML formats) as there is some concern over virus attachments in e-mails. Attachments are automatically stripped from incoming e-mail to prevent this.

    If you still need assistance from Dell Technical Support on those questions you asked, please resend a plain text e-mail to support@dell.com, and they will surely answer your question(s) as soon as possible.

  • Hi, You don't say what your system is, but mine is a Dimension XPS R350. On the back of the tower are three sound plug openings. I have a Crystal 3D 64V Wavetable Intergrated Sound card. The openings are marked with sound waves with arrows for input, output and microhone. On my machine the top opening has a green color outline and is the Speaker plug-in. The middle opening is blue in color and is for the earphones and the bottom one is red and is the microphone input. My headset has two plugs, a black one for the earphones (which goes in the middle opening) and a blue one for the Mike (it is plugged in the bottom opening of the three). If you have a tower than your system should work the same as mine. HTH
  • The headset is a combination earphone/microphone; you know, the kind you buy at Radio Shack to use with your cordless phone, as I said in my original question!

    You're right, I did once send an email to Technical Support with an attachment; jeez, I almost forgot about that one, that was weeks ago!! No David, I'm referring to one that I sent a day or two ago from Dell's support page, just as I am replying to you now! No attachments here!!

    Thanks for your help, though I still don't know where to plug it in!

  • Trace the wire from your speakers. They will be plugged into the rear of your PC. Unplug the speakers and plug in the earphones. The jack to plug in the microphone should be close by.

    B3JR9, UKMBH & 07C0D
  • I know where the speakers are plugged in and I know where the microphone goes, the problem is that my combination headset/microphone only has one plug, containing connections for both the headset audio and the microphone, so in order to do what you suggest, I would have to somehow split the microphone signal from audio signal (probably an adapter to plug my headset into) but then I would still have to unplug my speakers every time I wanted to use my headset/microphone!

    Thanks for your suggestions.

  • Go to Radio Shack and see what you can find in the way of adapters to split the microphone and headphones out. Your PC has two seperate jacks, one for microphone and one for headphones/speakers.

    B3JR9, UKMBH & 07C0D
  • Why is the blue input called input if it OUTPUTS the sound into a headset?
  • Thanks Bessie!

    After realizing that the Headset/Microphones that are normally sold for computers have a seperate plug for each function, I finally figured that out! I wanted to use the same headset that I use with my cordless phone, it only has one plug! 'Guess I'll just buy a headset that has seperate plugs and get an extension cable for the Mic input; my speakers already have a headphone jack, so this will negate having to unplug my speakers each time I want to use the headset!


  • I have a Dimension 4100 and I'm trying to hook up the mic/headphone combo (already split) that comes with my L&H VoiceExpress package for voice recognition.

    I have yellow - pink - blue - green - black jacks.

    My speakers are plugged into the green jack now.
    It appears that pink is for the mic.
    It looks like blue could be for the earphones. Based on your email, it sounds like you're suggesting that I unplug my speakers from the green and put the headphones in there. Is that correct?

    Once I have the jacks all straightened out, how do I test them? Also, the speakers are giving be reverberation when I use the mic. I guess if I use the green that won't be a problem! If I use the blue, I suppose I would just turn the volume of the speakers down. Please advise.