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restart and startup problem


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restart and startup problem

  • trying to help a friend who just lost her husband and
    has a four year old at home.She dosen't have a dell
    computer,but i'm sure we can help her out.I'ts Christmas.Ok, here's the problem.When you hit shutdown restart the screen goes blank and the power to the computer stays on.You have to turn the power off from the power strip thats it,s plugged into
    when it restarts the screen with the 6 choices comes up normal,safemode msdos ect. If you choose normal mode it goes back to the same screen then restarts normally.this happens every time the computer is started.choosing shut down will shut down the computer but restarting will cause the same problem.I've done the normal maintenance and tried endtasking on everything except explorer and systray to see if that would help but when endtasking the mcaffee virus the system froze.could"nt find a disk to reinstll mcaffee so here's where i'm at. thanks joe
  • Joe,

    What version of Windows are you running? Win95, 98, 98SE, or NT? Did you try deleting McAfee? I didn't understand your last statement about "couldn't find the McAfee disk".

    Happy Holidays!

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