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What could cause erratic mouse movement?


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What could cause erratic mouse movement?

  • Suddenly, the last 5 days or less, the cursor moves a bit unpredictably - skips and jumps, doesn't move "smoothly".  I uninstalled mouse driver, turned off the machine, replaced the mouse, the machine found a "new device/hardware" and installed the driver that found on the machine (WinXP).  To no avail.

    I installed Adaware, scanned the machine, found "new objects" with just recent dates and let Adaware remove and fix it.  Re-scanned the machine, found zero "new objects".  On this account, the machine looks clean.

    However, the mouse continues behaving erratically.  I know the mouse is clean.  Cleaning the mouse was the first thing I attempted to fix the problem.

    My machine is Dimension 4400 with WinXP Home Edition, 1.56 GHz, 256 MB. Purchased in Nov/Dec 2001.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • is it a usb or a ps2 mouse??? if it is a ps2 mouse you can try plugging it on the keyboard port and check if there is something wrong with the motherboard ports. if it does not do the same thing on the KB port this means that there is something wrong with the port. if it is a usb mouse try doing system restore by choosing a date prior to the problem.

    go to:

    >>start>>programs>>accessories>>system tools>>system restore

    if a new mouse has been used and still problem persist this means that there is something wrong with the OS.

  • Hey, there are at least 5000 posts on this problem for almost any Dell system as well as other manufacturers.  One person found a program on their hard drive that was called CrazyMouse.exe, then there was the mouse pad that came with the system, from Dell that has the silver Dell logo in the middle and sort of a prismatic background, there was another one that disabled their modem (they use broadband, so it was not needed), and lastly, changing the STYLE of the mouse pointer, like GOLD, BOLD, or any of the many styles that are available..  I am trying a new mouse pad (just a plain design with no prismatics) since I was using the NEW style that Dell supplied.  So far it is working!!  Dell sent me a new optical mouse and that was not a solution for the problem.

    What baffles me is that this system was NEW in  August 2003, and the problem did not exist until 3 weeks ago.  So there must be something else that is the cause.  At least the new mouse pad is a better solution, in the mean time until Dell figures out the problem.

  • Will installing USB mouse would solve the problem?

    I opened the computer and cleaned it thoroughly from dust and dirt and whatever was there.

    I've noticed there is no way to physically replace the PS/2 port.  One PS/2 port makes mouse utterly erratic from the time I turn the PC on.  The other PS/2 port makes it erratic only after the machine warms up.  Restarting has no effect.  I need to cool the machine by turning it off and leaving it turned off for an hour or so.  Then, when I turn it on, the mouse works 100%, but not for a long time.  After about 30 minutes it's almost impossible to control the cursor.

    My conclusion is that nothing is wrong with the operating system or software, otherwise turning off the machine and turning it on in 5 minutes would solve the problem.

    There must be something PHYSICALLY wrong with the PS/2 port -- if it's PHYSICALLY cold, the mouse and cursor work perfectly well.