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Life span of wireless keyboard and mouse batteries?


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Life span of wireless keyboard and mouse batteries?

  • I just got my Dimension 4600C last night and so far I love it. I got it woth the DELL wireless keyboard/mouse. I'm just curious as to the expected life span of the batteries with regular use. There is nothing about it in the paperwork.



  •  The battery life may vary from 11/2 months to 3 months depending on the usage.
  • Keyboard should last a long time - I haven't changed batteries in my Logitech since I bought it wellll over a year ago.  Mice, on the other hand, will use them up.  I use rechargable NiMHs, get three-four weeks on a charge at best.  But after a few cycles, they've paid for themselves. 

    When not using it, park your rodent on a white or light colored surface to allow it to go into its low power state.  Dark surfaces keep it awake.


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  • I'm using a Dell  by Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

    - Keyboard batteries last  at least 6 months.

    - Mouse batteries (2 AA alkalines) require replacement every 6 weeks like clockwork.

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