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XPS 8930 - Video Card Help Needed

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I found a great deal on the new XPS 8930 at my local Costco.  It came with the new i7-8700 processor, 16gb RAM and an NVidia GTX 1050ti video card.  I had a fairly new GTX 1070 video card that I thought would be a great upgrade for the new PC.  However, after I installed it, the PC would not boot up with the 1070 - lights came on, the fans on the 1070 turned, but the keyboard lights wouldn't come on and the monitor stayed black.  In trying to get it to work I tried the following:

  • Put the 1050ti back in and it booted up immediately.
  • Checked for and found a new Bios - 1.0.2 - I updated the Bios and tried again - the 1070 still didn't work
  • Checked for and installed the latest NVidia drivers - installed the 1070 and it still didn't boot up
  • Put the 1070 back into my XPS 8910 and it booted up just fine - the 1070 wasn't bad.  Also checked for a bios update for the 1070 - did not find one
  • Installed a fairly new Corsair RM650 power supply in the 8930 thinking that the 460 W OEM PS wasn't powerful enough to drive the 1070 - installed the 1070 and once again, it would not boot
  • Ran MS Update and let it install updates to bring it up to the latest of everything - still wouldn't boot
  • Called the Dell Warranty Support and after bouncing between 3 different techs, they got me to a great one who spent over an hour having me try some of the same things I had already tried, also clearing the CMOS, cleaning up drivers, it still didn't work.  We both agreed that it appears that nothing is wrong with the computer, and replacing the system board, or any other hardware will most likely resolve this issue

What else should I try?  I don't want to spend another $400 on another video card.  I notice that the new 8930's ship with 1070's and 1080's, so I'm assuming that any 1070 should work.

My other question - is this a bios issue?  I remember a couple of years back when with prior XPS desktops the GTX 970 and other cards wouldn't work until they came up with a bios update that fixed it.  Could this be my problem?

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  • Non dell cards would require SECURE BOOT OFF, Legacy CSM ON, Legacy Option Roms ON.


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  • Thank you!  I will try that tomorrow night when I get back home and report back.  I would love it if it is that simple.

  • I made the changes recommended above and they made it so that the PC would not boot at all.  As I made each change in the Bios, a warning popped up that it may cause the PC to fail on boot.  The error that I received was "Boot failure on device.  Press any key to reboot the machine."  I reset the Bios back to the original settings and it rebooted successfully immediately.

    Does anyone from the Dell Moderators have a recommendation?

  • We can close this.  Dell Support tells me that they don't support installing any other video cards than the ones they sell.  They said that if I want a GTX 1070 in my PC, I should return the one that I bought at Costco and buy one online with their 1070.  That totally surprised me, as one of the reasons I've been buying XPS PC's (this is my 7th one) is their ease of upgrading.  The other challenge is that they aren't even selling what they told me to buy online.  The models with the black front panel are still all 8920's.