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Does Dell XPS support XMP 2.0 (ram)?


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Does Dell XPS support XMP 2.0 (ram)?

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From my research, XMP 2.0 is supported by Intel’s X99 and 100 series motherboards. I do not see any XMP options in our BIOS (I have the XPS 8900) but also read some reports by users here that their ram was automatically overclocked. So I'm under the impression that XMP is enabled by default.

I'm asking this question because I'm interested in upgrading my ram to 2666MHz which is shown compatible on the Crucial website but on Dell's documentation, all I see is 2133MHz.

Could anyone verify this?

The ram sticks I'm planning to upgrade to is Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666MHz C16. I thought about the Corsair Dominator rams because they look cool and price isn't that different with these inflated prices but it would help a lot if someone from Dell or experienced users from the community could confirm my findings.

Thank you.

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  • Which XPS?


    Probably not...

  • XPS 8900 is what I have. The Crucial website shows that I can use up to 2666Mhz ram ( But the Crucial rams are actually pretty slow. CL = 19 whereas I can use 15 or 16 with Corsair rams.

  • If you have a system with a "K" processor - on the newest ones, that means the grey chassis, not the black ones - you can overclock the system with a BIOS adjustment.  Other than that, there's no way to overclock either the CPU OR the memory -- the memory speed is auto-set by the system.

    If you're looking for features such as this, it's basically the build-it-yourself model - or buy from a vendor that builds with retail mainboards.  All of the major mainboard manufacturers provide a host of memory and CPU speed adjustment settings -- but  you're not going to find those in a Dell (or Lenovo, or ASUS, or HP) pre-built consumer-grade system.