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Looking to upgrade my dell optiplex 780 DT


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Looking to upgrade my dell optiplex 780 DT

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So I have been doing a lot of research on the dell optiplex 780 just so I don't make any purchases of anything that wouldn't work in my PC. There are four things I am really focused on getting upgraded right away before I do any thing else like the hard drive and that is the CPU, GPU, RAM, and power supply. The CPU I am planning to get is the Intel core2quad q9650. Knowing that this is a power hungry card and seeing how I am going to overclock it, the card will make some heat so I am planning on getting an aftermarket cooler. Seeing how I can't really just slap on a coolermaster and be good to go I want to get this  I think this would be adequate for overclocking and keeping it cool, but that's where I need the forums to make sure.  The GPU I will be buying a riser card made specifically by dell for the motherboard so that way my dell optiplex 780 DT will support full height cards and I will be getting a GTX 750 ti. The RAM I wont have an issue with just as long as I can find four 2GB sticks of Non-ECC DDR3 RAM running at 1033Mhz and my computer will support the RAM because I have a 64-bit OS and a CPU that will support 64 bit as well. This is where the problem comes in, I don't know what power supply to get. I want to get at least a 400 watt power supply because, even though it's a little overkill with the amount of power, it will be nice to know I wont have any issues in the future if I decide to upgrade again. So what do you guys think? Do you think I should change something? Keep it the same?

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  • You can't do any of what you are talking about.

    If you want to upgrade get a precision T3400/T3500 or better.

    The Desktop Riser slot is only 1 slot wide so a 750TI wont fit.

    The power supply is not upgradeable to 400W

    There is no overclocking on a 780.