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Dell XPS 8700 slow shutdown/restart-Need Assistance


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Dell XPS 8700 slow shutdown/restart-Need Assistance

  • Hi Dell XPS 8700 has 8gb of RAM and a 1TB hard the Core i7 processor. I purchased this computer on September 20th 2013, everything has been fine until recently..when I noticed that my computer was taking about 3 minutes to shut down and restart..called Dell, talked to about 10 different technicians and NO ONE knew the I came here and saw someone post about the bluetooth driver update on December 13th that was causing him to have the same issue, so I called Dell and they removed the driver update and rolled it back to June 2013 and everything worked, this was a few days ago that this was done..I thought the issue was resolved..a Dell technician even came to my house with a new motherboard because I thought that was the problem, he determined after a few boot ups and shut downs that the motherboard was fine, that I didnt need one so I didnt get it two days later, its doing it ALL OVER AGAIN, same issue, same problem..takes 2 minutes and 20 seconds to shut down and restart and I have NO idea what this is. I didnt install anything these past few days to make this happen, I thought this issue was done with and now its happening again..Dell is sending a motherboard replacement but I really have no idea if that is the problem or something else. Ive dealt with computers for 15+ years and never had a piece of software that would cause a computer not to shut down right if anyone here can help me figure out what the problem is I would really really appreciate it

    Thank U

  • It's caused by the "Dell WLAN and Bluetooth Client". Uninstall it from your Programs, and let Windows re-install the drivers. The problem will go away. We've all that this problem.

    There's more info here:

  • The thing is, Dell removed the driver a few days ago..he went into device manager, into the Dell Bluetooth 1703 and rolled back the driver to 7/30/2013..when he did that I rebooted the PC and it was fine, thought this was cured, now its been a few days and now its back to happening again and I dont know why

    Wait..under uninstall programs I see Dell WLAN and Bluetooth client installation installed on September 9th its version 10.0 so that cant be the same thing your referring to right

  • Removing that client solved the problem for myself and everyone else that had the issue. 

  • So I just need to go into uninstall programs and remove that program and that should do the trick(Whats weird is that it was installed by Dell on September 9th according to the uninstall directory so it came with the PC) about in device manager under bluetooth, do I need to do anything else there or do I just need to go into the uninstall folder and remove that Dell WLAN and bluetooth installation version 10.0

    So what happens after I uninstall this, when I reboot the PC will the program come back automatically?

  • Uninstall it from your programs, and reboot. When your system restarts run Windows Update. It may or may not have to install drivers. Some people removed the devices from device manager too, but I did not. Just removing the client  resulted in my shutdown time going from 2-3 minutes, to about 10 seconds. 

    Here is the full post by chucko6166 explaining it better.

    XPS 8700, Windows 8.1 Pro.  Problem developed where system was taking a long time to shutdown or reboot.  Troubleshooting led me to this thread:

    and based on what I read I tried uninstalling the BT and WiFi devices from device manager and then uninstalling the BT/WiFi driver suite from Programs and Features in Control Panel.

    This corrected the long shutdown and reboot problem on my system.  The Dell Qualcomm Atheros BT/WiFi Driver Suite was the issue.  On reboot the BT & WiFi devices were reinstalled by Win 8.1 using generic drivers but the long shutdown and reboot problem has NOT reappeared.

    This lead me to problem #2.  I visited the Dell Drivers and Downloads site for the XPS 8700 and looked for an updated driver for Win 8.1 for the BT/ WiFi device.  There is no driver listed for Windows 8.1 for this device.  For Windows 8 the download that was suggested was this file:  


    but this file does not install under windows 8.1.  The error message effectively says 'wrong operating system".

    So it looks like as of this moment the Dell combo BT/WiFi device is broken under Win 8.1.  When will Dell offer a correct driver for this OS?

    Edit 12/26 - looks like Dell has changed the links as now there is an older file listed under Win 8.1 for this device.  I also edited some of the above for gramer and speling erors.

    Note - If you try to uninstall the software from Programs and Features, the uninstall may hang.  If so, kill off the uninstall process using Task Manager and reboot.   When restarted, uninstall the BT and Dell WiFi devices from Device Manager and then try the uninstall of the software again from Programs and Features.  It should work properly this time. 

    After reboot, you may see the BT and Wi-Fi devices have reappeared in Device Manager as Win 8.1 will reinstall them using more generic or older drivers.  On my system this seemed to be OK as the slow shutdown/reboot problem has not reappeared.

    Hopefully Dell and Qualcomm will get this sorted out quickly and give us a driver that works properly under Win 8.1

  • K great that is what I will do..I will just go into uninstall and remove that program and see what happens..if I see the issue remaining then I will go back to your instructions and see what I have to do..but for now I wont touch any of the devices in the device manager, will just delete that applications from uninstall programs and hopefully that will solve weird, never had this issue before but ever since that darn Bluetooth driver update on December 13th everything has gone far as that update goes Dell already removed it so that when I go to windows updates I would never see it again, he "hid" it

  • Update..just tried uninstalling that Dell WLAN from uninstall programs and I got this message "The installer can not run on this platform..please select package for your operating system" and on the top it says Qualcomm Atheros WLAN and Bluetooth what should I do now

  • Are you running Windows 8 or 8.1? It sounds like the Dell Technician may have installed the wrong version of the client when he downgraded your drivers.  I would go to the Dell support site and try installing the correct client for your version of Windows, and if it installs correctly, then try uninstalling it. 

  • I am on windows 8.1..all the technician did was click Rollback drivers and it went back to July 2013 and version and he rebooted and it was now Im not sure what to do..I have tried uninstalling the Dell WLAN but it wont let me it gives me that message like I posted above

    When I go to the Dell Bluetooth 1703 when I do a search for the latest drivers it says I am on the latest one(Not sure if because the technician removed the Dec 13th driver that is why it wont show up) so Im not sure anymore..this is SO confusing and no one at Dell knows anything about this or what to do

  • My only guess is that the July Drivers are causing the problem since they're obviously Windows 8 Drivers, not 8.1 Drivers since 8.1 wasn't out yet. I would download all the latest ones from Dell, then try unisntalling the client again.

  • That does make sense..what the guy did was just roll back the drivers since I had been reading that the December 13th update was causing problems..the thing is I am at the Dell web site now, and I put in my service tag and I am at windows 8.1 but I dont know which drivers I am supposed to download because none of them say anything about Bluetooth or WLAN

    Maybe I should call Dell and ask let me understand, once I DO get the correct drivers, then I can go and try uninstalling that Dell WLAN Bluetooth installation program from uninstall and then the issue should be resolved?

  • You can try. I'm not 100% convinced that it will uninstall though. I'm hoping someone else will come up with a suggestion because I have little faith Dell support will help.

  • I think it might be fixed..I wont press my luck though. I called Dell and FINALLY talked to someone there who understood what had to be done..he was SO nice..he read this message board and figured out that first he had to delete the bluetooth from the device manager so he removed them ALL..then he used revo uninstaller to remove the Dell WLAN bluetooth connection application from add/remove programs..once that was done he rebooted the system and BAM, it rebooted in a matter of SECONDS..and all of the files in the bluetooth came back in the device manager(But that Dell WLAN application in uninstall is gone) so now the drivers for the Dell Bluetooth 1703 is from December 2012..I asked him if that is OK since I have windows 8.1 and he said its fine since windows puts those drivers in and not if in a few days if it happens again I will know that the drivers need to be updated but for now knock on wood it seems to be fine

  • I think you're good to go. Once I got rid of the application, my problem was solved and it's been fine for weeks now.