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XPS 18 Powered Stand connector

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The XPS 18 Powered Stand is advertised as having a 7 pin pogo magnetic connector.

I bought the stand and when I put the XPS 18 on it, there is NO magnetic attraction (pun intended).  

I was envisioning the connector to be like Apple's MagSafe connector where the tablets connection to the stand is held solidly in place by a magnet.  But there is no magnet that I can find, and it makes lining up the tablet and the connector a guessing game every time.  Also, the tablet is wobbly on the stand.

Should the connector be magnetic?  If not, why is the term "magnetic" used?


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    The 7 pin connection is BOTTOM Center of the unit.

    Power Adapter Plugs INTO the stand.

    Contains one convenient cable with a discreet fit in the stand arm

       It has adjusting arm angles from 10 to 70 degrees

       System connects with ease on 7 pin pogo magnetic connector


    Give your portable AIO a permanent place with the XPS 18 Stand from Dell™. It makes easy to drop in and out XPS 18 from the charging stand with the help of magnetic pogo pin connector. Now you can charge the XPS 18 while working and adjust the angle that suits you best. The stand arm gives you a range of views from 10 to 70 degrees. This product is tested and validated with Dell Systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support, when used with a Dell system.

    Manufacturer Part# : CWRH3

    Dell Part# : 332-1529

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  • Thanks for the reply, but it doesn't address my question.  As your reply even states, it's supposed to be a MAGNETIC pogo plug connector.

    Yet, mine is not magnetic.  I was asking if it should be?  Should there be some magnetic "pull" when the tablet connects to the stand, and should there be a bit of resistance when trying to remove the tablet from the stand?

    Mine has none.  It sits down and is completely loose on the stand.

  • For those reading and wondering, it turns out the CONNECTOR is NOT magnetic.  Instead there is a magnetic plate on the stand (the XPS 18 leans back against it) and IT is magnetic, in order to help stabilize the XPS18.

    Why Dell uses the term "magnetic" in relation to the the pogo connector is beyond me.  False advertising, I suppose.  It's a magnetic stand, but the pogo connector is NOT.