Need help with Inspiron 620 Motherboard power/reset/led pin config


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Need help with Inspiron 620 Motherboard power/reset/led pin config

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I need help with the pin configuration for the Dell Inspiron 620 Motherboard. This is what is looks like: 

There is a diagram of the motherboard on the second to last page of the pdf document. I need help with part # 7 on the diagram, the power button connector. The pin configuration is not provided and I would like to know it as I am upgrading the case. I already have everything else connected and placed in the new case. I need the pin configuration for the power switch, reset switch, power LED + and -, and HDD LED.

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  • Dell connections are undocumented. Your best bet is a multimeter and some wire tracing on the old case.

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  • Wire tracing is impossible, I believe. How would one accomplish the task of the multimeter?

  • The Inspiron 620 should be standard mATX. Some Dells use proprietary front panel connections, but I don't think that's one of them.

    I speak from the position of having installed third-party motherboards in Dell cases.