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Need help with Inspiron 620 Motherboard power/reset/led pin config

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I need help with the pin configuration for the Dell Inspiron 620 Motherboard. This is what is looks like: 

There is a diagram of the motherboard on the second to last page of the pdf document. I need help with part # 7 on the diagram, the power button connector. The pin configuration is not provided and I would like to know it as I am upgrading the case. I already have everything else connected and placed in the new case. I need the pin configuration for the power switch, reset switch, power LED + and -, and HDD LED.

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  • Dell connections are undocumented. Your best bet is a multimeter and some wire tracing on the old case.

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  • Wire tracing is impossible, I believe. How would one accomplish the task of the multimeter?

  • The Inspiron 620 should be standard mATX. Some Dells use proprietary front panel connections, but I don't think that's one of them.

    I speak from the position of having installed third-party motherboards in Dell cases.

  • Wire Tracing is possible and relatively easy when you have the correct parts.

    The other poster's diagram has too many pins and the positions are wrong.  THIS IS A GUESS Based on the pictures below.  You will have to reverse engineer the part to find out exactly.  Removing the LED's allows you to visually see the polarity.

    The front panel has 6 wires AND A Jumper?  Part Number KCRV8

    You should be able to trace the wires from the assembly to get pinout.

    Also do not confuse the INTEL Standard at the bottom this diagram is NOT the 620 pinout.  This is more than enough data to get you going.

    If you want all the ports I would suggest buying and tracing a Dell 620S front panel with USB SD Reader DELL K6M7C.



    INTEL PINOUT Below  This IS NOT Dell Standard.  May be similar to Dimension 8500/8700 however I don't have one so I cant say one way or the other.

    You will have to trace for the USB as well as the Audio cables.

    USB is Green Audio is Yellow Front panel is black.

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  • My diagram was based on the header on the motherboard from my Dell Inspiron 620 / Service Tag # JBYXOR1. When I removed the front panel plug from the header, 8 pins were exposed. I accidentally donated the case before tracing the wires to the front panel switch. Therefore, I had to use the process of elimination method to identify the pins.

    I powered on the system by jumping every 2 pins on that header with the tip of a Philips screw driver until I located the "power on" pins (the power supply came on). Once I did that, I jumped the 2 pins with the corresponding "POWER SW" connector.

    Next, without the hard drive connected to the MB, I took the "POWER LED" connector and jumped the rest of the pins until the LED illuminated on the front of my new case. Once that happened, I jumped the 2 pins with the corresponding "PW LED" connector.

    Next, without the hard drive connected to the MOBO, I jumped the remaining pins with the "HDD LED" connector to ensure that the remaining pins will not illuminate the HDD LED on the front of the case. After doing so, I powered down the system, connected the hard drive to the MOBO and then powered on the system. You can use any method you want to initiate hard drive activity, but I chose to go to DOWNLOAD.COM. Once there, I found and downloaded a very, very large file. While the file was downloading, I jumped the remaining wires with the "HDD LED" switch until the light illuminated on the front panel of my new case. 

    Finally, I took the "RESET SW" connector and jumped the pins that were remaining. As I jumped each pin, I pressed the RESET button on the front of the case and the system failed to reboot on each of the remaining pins.......and yes, I reversed all of the pin connectors to determine the (+) and (-).

    In conclusion, my diagram is not incorrect, it depends on the header setup that's present on your board. My diagram identifies the pins with that amount of pins present. Also, the way I described how to identify the location of each pin, should be very useful to those that have a motherboard and no case to help trace and identify the pins from the front panel connector. This goes for ANY motherboard.

    For the record, I transferred my Dell Inspiron 620 motherboard to a Thermaltake V3 Black Edition case. 

  • VOSTRO 620 is NOT an inspiron 620 and the INSPIRON 620 does not have 16 pins on the front panel connection plug.

    Your diagram is not correct in any aspect afaikt for an INSPIRON 620.  Mine may be flawed but its based on actual 620 front panel connection plug which has 12 pins not 16 and has a jumper on the plug.  You will get a front panel ERROR if you dont have the jumper.

    YMMV but you need to use an actual INSPIRON 620 front panel to OHM it out.

    The full Front panel can be figured out from a 620S front panel  and the KCRV8 is the power on/ Power LED/ and HDD LED.  Audio I/O PANEL K6M7C Where Green is USB, Yellow is Audio. Black on the front panel I/O is the media reader aka USB. There is no reset switch. Another reason why your response to the OP is incorrect.

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  • I stand corrected. My system was an Inspiron 620.

  • My onsite Techs point out to me that you and I are not that far apart however. If the jumper is missing does your system say its a vostro instead of an Inspiron?

    All I have to do is stand on my head.  The other thing suggested to me was to look at a Foxconn front panel and then it makes more sense.  One would need a Bi Color LED to see which PWR LED is correct.



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    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating.