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iAMT disabled on optiplex 9010 aio

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How can i enable iAMT on optiplex 9010 aio? I can't enter in MEBx by "Ctrl+P" and find a similar option in bios.

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  • Hi grsgt,

    Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) allows companies to manage their networked computers easily. You may access Intel® Management Engine BIOS Extention (MEBx) using the 'F12' button at the startup of computer when you see Dell logo on the computer screen and configure iAMT.

    Hope this helps. Please reply if you have any questions.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sundeep B
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  • When i press 'F12', i see boot menu and list of other options: Bios Setup, Diagnostics and Change Boot Mode Settings. There is no option MEBx. I have a bios revision A07.

  • MEBx is not on all systems AND if someone chose to Disable it then it cannot be RE enabled EVER AGAIN.

    MEBx is also not available in all countries. This is what it looked like on the 755

    Article ID : 52060 Date Published : 2007-09-05 Journal ID : d2fe9d65-b1a0-4fd7-b75c-52e4b9862f38

    Manageability Mode Options on Replacement System Boards for the OptiPlex™ 755

    The OptiPlex™ 755 has one system board per chassis available for dispatch. The system board is shipped in manufacturing mode and the end user or service provider must select the manageability option upon first boot. There are four manageability options that might be seen on the customer order according to the original configuration purchased.

    For information on what manageability options were configured when the system was originally shipped, refer to Table 1

    Label SKUPart NumberDescription
    Basic Systems Management Mode
    1 vPro
    DASH Ready
    310-9491 CU245 Short: Advanced Client Systems Management,w/vPro,OPTI
    Long: Advanced Client Systems Management,with vPro,Dell OptiPlex
    Option Online: Advanced Client Systems Management (w/ vPro)
    1 AMT
    DASH Ready
    310-9494 HP413 Short: Advanced Client Systems Management,w/iAMT,OPTI
    Long: Advanced Client Systems Management,with iAMT,Dell OptiPlex
    Option Online: Advanced Client Systems Management (w/ iAMT)
    2 ASF Only 310-9492 CU377 Short: Basic Client Systems Management,w/ASF,OPTI
    Long: Basic Client Systems Management,with ASF,Dell OptiPlex
    Option Online: Basic Client Systems Management (w/ ASF)
    3 ME Disabled 310-9493 XT411
    Short: Client Systems Management Disabled,OPTI
    Long: Client Systems Management Disabled, Dell OptiPlex
    Option Online: Client Systems Management Disabled
    Deployment Mode
    N/A Disables Remote Configuration 310-9495 CU378 Short: One Touch Provisioning Support,OPTI
    Long: One Touch Provisioning Support, Dell OptiPlex
    Option Online: One Touch Provisioning Support
    2 ASF with AMT option 310-9497 WK835 Short: LEGACY ASF SETTING FOR IAMT,OPTI
    Long: Legacy ASF Setting for iAMT,Dell OptiPlex
    Option Online: Legacy ASF Setting for iAMT
    4 No TLS * 310-9496 RU572 Short: TLS Encryption Disabled,OPTI
    Long: TLS Encryption Disabled, Dell OptiPlex
    Option Online: TLS Encryption Disabled

    * The No TLS option only applies to the following countries: China, France, Hong Kong, Israel, Korea, Poland, and Russia.

    Table 1: Manageability Mode Labels

    When issuing a dispatch, leave a note in the Comments to Service Provider field with the Manageability Mode option that must be selected after the system board is replaced.

    The Manageability Mode Sticker on the Chassis Cover for the OptiPlex™ 755

    On the inside of the removable side cover there is a 2" x 1" label denoting the manageability mode with which the system was purchased (Figures 1 and 2).

    Figure 1: The Manageability Mode Sticker Location on the OptiPlex 755

    Figure 2: The Four Different Manageability Mode Stickers on the OptiPlex 755

    Configure the Manageability Mode on a Replacement System Board

      When the number for the manageability mode is entered and confirmed, it is unable to be changed. If the incorrect manageability mode is selected, it is possible the system board must be replaced depending on the option selected.  
    1. Turn the system off and remove the power cord.

    2. Open the chassis cover and locate the manageability mode sticker.

    3. Verify the number on the manageability mode sticker.

    4. Close the chassis cover, plug the power cord back into the system, and turn the system on.

    5. At the Type the number corresponding with your selection: prompt, press the key for the number obtained from the sticker (Figure 1).

      Figure 1: Prompt Received After Replacing the System Board

    6. At the Continue with selection? (Y/N) prompt, press <Y>.

    7. After the system shuts down, turn the system back on to continue with normal operation.

    Change Manageability Modes 1 and 2 if Incorrectly Selected

    It is not possible to change the Manageability Mode when options 3 or 4 have been selected. 

    If Manageability Mode options 1 or 2 are incorrectly selected after replacing the system board, correct this by performing the following steps:

    1. Restart the computer.

    2. Press and hold <Ctrl> while tapping <P> at the Dell logo screen to enter the Intel Management Engine BIOS Extension (MEBx) screens.

    3. When prompted, enter the password and press <Enter>.

    4. Select Intel (R) ME Configuration and press <Enter>.

    5. At the [ Caution ] screen, press <Y>.

    6. At the Intel (R) ME Configuration screen, press <Down Arrow> to select Intel (R) ME Features Control amd Press the <Enter> key.

    7. Press <Enter> to select Manageability Feature Selection.

    8. Use <Up Arrow> or <Down Arrow> to select either Intel (R) AMT or ASF, which are respectively options 1 and 2 when selecting the Manageability Mode on a replacement system board.

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