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Dell i660s-2002BK Ram upgrade?


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Dell i660s-2002BK Ram upgrade?

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I am looking to upgrade the ram in my newly purchased Dell desktop. I haven't received it in the mail yet and would like to get a jump start on adding some more ram to the system. I know that it uses SDRAM DDR3, but how many pins and also I know that you are supposed to get the same speed of ram. I couldn't find the specs of the ram that comes with the system other than that it is SDRAM DDR3. Please advise. I am posting a link to Amazon if that helps.

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  • Hi tstan22,

    Inspiron 660s has 2 memory slots which support DDR3 1333 MHz and 1666 MHz memory modules. It supports a maximum of 8 GB memory.

    If  you would like to purchase upgrades from dell you may refer to the link : 

    For instructions on adding/removing parts from the system you may refer to the Owner's Manual :

    Note : Please refer to the safety instructions in the manual.

    Hope this helps. Do reply if you have any further questions.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sundeep B
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  • Odd, from the spec sheet on Dell's website:

    It says DDR3 up to 1600 MHz not 1666 MHz . The rest is correct, two slots up to 8GB

    From the Dell's website:

    It is 240pin. I hope that correctly answers some of the questions