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Inspiron 660s- Upgrading GPU and RAM


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Inspiron 660s- Upgrading GPU and RAM

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Hi Guys,
I just bought a Dell Inspiron 660s Which has-
4GB DDR3 SDRAM, 1600MHz-1X4GB 
Intel® Integrated Graphic
3rd generation Intel® Core™ i3-3220 Processor

So I was thinking to Upgrade the RAM and the GPU of the PC
After going through many forums recommending GPU Upgrade for inspiron 660 , Most of them suggested -
Sapphire AMD/ATI HD 7750 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card -
And For the Ram Upgrade , I was thinking to go for this - Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB (1 x 8 GB) PC RAM (CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10) -

So guys , I would like to recheck whether these Parts would be compatible with the computer.
Please reply fast :)


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  • Are you doing anything special that requires 8gb of RAM? Most users don't need that much.

    The video card is not compatible because it is full-height. You need a low profile card like this:

  • Actually I'll do a bit of gaming, And I need more than 4 GB. Since 8 GB is the max memory that inspiron can handle, Then i'll go for it .
    But Since New Egg Doesn't deliver to India, Do you have any other Link for it?
    I'll really appreciate it.  

  • Or any Other good enough GPU,That can work out with the desktop

  • The Indian e-tailer you were looking at will have suitable memory. The low profile 7750 card is another matter, and I don't know where you can get one in India.

    You might be able to buy it here:


    This one right? Ebay Delivers to India, So if this is the one, then the shipping issue would be solved too.

    Thanks alot for your assistance though, But just confirm this one is okay (The one i posted above)

  • Good find -- that's the one you want. Regarding memory, just about any 8gb DDR3 kit should work. I would think the one you linked to is suitable.

    If this resolves your issue, would you be so kind as to mark the thread as answered?

  • Thanks alot @Rdunnil.

    Really appreciate your help :)