Dell Precision 380 Beep code 1-3-2 Problems.


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Dell Precision 380 Beep code 1-3-2 Problems.

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I'm working on a Dell Precision 380 workstation and initially, it was getting all sorts of BSOD.  While working my way through solving those BSOD's, the computer suddenly won't restart.  Now it's just giving me beep codes of 1-3-2 - which I looked up and Dell says "Memory Problem."  While that doesn't say much, I went through the process of swapping RAM on the motherboard.  I even tried other memory I took from another Dell Precision 380 that does work.  I even tried brand new RAM purchased at the store.  Nothing worked.  I still get the beep codes.

Even went as far to disconnect pretty much everything in the computer where it was just a plain motherboard, power supply and RAM - still beeps.

Could there be a deeper issue w/this computer?  The DIMM slots on the motherboard have gone bad?  After swapping DIMM slots and different RAM and still get the beep codes - I'm stumped.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi steve02a,

    I appreciate for the trouble shootings steps tried. Since the system is giving beeps even with the new memory, I suspect the connector on the motherboard is faulty. I recommend motherboard replacement.

    You may contact your IT technician or contact Dell spares department to purchase the motherboard.

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  • I am the IT tech.  And it's interesting too - because at one point right before all this started, I was able to run the Dell Hardware Diagnostics and everything checked out 100% fine.  Then I got the BSOD's, and now the beep codes.  I'll contact Dell to see how much a new motherboard is.


  • Did you try clearing BIOS by unplugging PC, pulling motherboard battery and pressing / holding the power button for ~30 sec, then reinstalling the battery?

    It's possible you could have fixed the problem by moving / reseating the RAM modules, but that may not have cleared the error message, which pulling the battery should do.

    No promises that'll help but it's easy to test and cheaper than:  $100, $59, $100, or $50-$80 for a used and / or refurbished Precision 380 motherboard.

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