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Dell Inspiron 2305 is a defective computer.


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Dell Inspiron 2305 is a defective computer.

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Never purchase the first model.  I've had this computer for 2 years now, It broke the first month we purchased it and once it broke we didn't know what to do. Instead of calling dell or returning it , We ended up putting it aside for 2 years.  Recently I decided to take a look at it and figured that it just needed a new hard drive so I got one and installed it and guess what... It gets the same error and just crashes then no longer reads the hard drive. I've come to a conclusion that this computer is just defective, I even tested the hard drives and they worked perfectly fine.

So, What are we suppose to do with this piece of junk? My dad spent 800$ on something that doesn't even work, He's a truck driver so he never had the time to go return it or contact dell, Which is why we put it aside.  I Tried to contact dell but apparently computer manufactures wont talk to you unless you pay a fee or have warranty.  Honestly I think we should get a free repair or something.  We already gave dell 800$ for a product that doesn't even work.

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  • Hi JoshG17,

    Wow, sorry to hear about the problems with your 2305. It's a shame the thing sat for two years without diagnosing what the problem was.

    So let me ask you if you could describe the error in a bit more detail. Also, are you running Windows 7 on this system?

  • Hi osprey,

    The system was running WIN 7 64-bit . Also, It as come to my attention that this computer is known for being defective.

    A lot of people who reviewed this PC ran into this problem, They say it's because of faulty SATA cables. I did some research and all the symptoms match up to a faulty SATA cable. Problem is I'm no computer tech, So I have no idea how to install a new one.    

    Anyways, Here's all the problems I've had with this PC.

    1. Slow / unresponsive HDD while the PC is in use, Which lead t o the computer needing to be rebooted.

    2. PC randomly stops detecting the HDD, To fix this problem I had to constantly disconnect the sata cables and then reconnect them.

    3. Blurry / blue screen error which leads to the death of the HDD (even though the HDD still works).  

    Seems like the best thing I can do to get this computer running again is to watch the disassemble / reassemble videos, and figure how to install a new SATA cable.

  • Does the 2305 have an external power supply?

  • Yes it is external.

  • You might try a different power supply. Bad power supplies can cause problems such as you describe.

  • I'm totally confused!  Tongue Tied

    If you can disconnect and reconnect the SATA cables to make it work, as you said in #2 on your list, above, why can't you replace those cables?

    Disconnect the SATA cable from both the motherboard and the hard drive. Then just install a new SATA cable from the drive to the same port on the motherboard where the old cable had been connected. DONE!

    And if this system was unused and unplugged for 2 years, it's probably a good idea to replace the motherboard battery. It's a CR2032 lithium ion battery, ~$2 at discount stores, too. Instructions to replace the battery are in the manual. And there are also instructions about replacing the hard drive which should help you replace the SATA cable...

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  • Hi Josh,

    As I said in my PM to you, the problem might be simple. A new SATA cable costs only a few dollars and is quite easy to fix. If that's not the problem, we'll try something else.

  • Hi Josh,

    I am also having the same problem.  I paid all this money to have a new computer continue to shut down on me.  Dell has not been any help at all in supporting their equipment.  Dell did not honor my warranty when I called in on this problem.  They had all my information listed incorrectly and told me it was my problem.  This is my second computer All-In-One.  The first was no good and I return it for a replacement that still continue to give me problems.  I have spend over $200 dollars to have a Tech come out and trouble shoot the problem.  Yes, it's the SATA Cable I was told.  The connect is really loose.  The problem is, I can't seem to find the right part on the dell website.  Can anyone tell me what part should I order for the All-In-One 2305 model?


  • Here's the service manual:

    I'm not sure about the SATA cable.

  • Just an update. I replaced the sata cable and I haven't experienced any blue screens or motherboard not being able to detect the HDD which means a faulty sata cable was the problem.  As for the sata cable.. this is pretty much what it is .

    Just a warning. You basically have to take the whole computer apart to get to the motherboard.

  • Glad that worked!

  • Do you need to be technical savvy to replace the SATA cable or is this something I need to purchase and have replaced?

  • @Seaymoore - If your system is still under warranty, contact Dell Tech Support and have them fix it for you.

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  • No you don't. Replacing the sata cable is probably the easiest thing you can do when it comes to repairing a computer.  

    The only problem you might have is reaching the motherboard since you seem to have no experience.  If you have anyone in your family that has knowledge about  computers then ask them if they can help you.  

    I remember finding a video on the dell website showing you how to take apart the dell 2305, I'll see if I can find it for you.

  • Seems like the "How to" video disappeared from their website.. I can't seem to find the video anywhere.  @RoHe, I highly doubt it has warranty..  Computer is about 2years old I think.. Unless He/She spent extra on longer warranty service.  It's sad that many people spent hundreds of dollars to fix this computer when all it needed was a new 5$ sata cable.