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Dell Studio XPS 8100 Motherboard upgrade


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Dell Studio XPS 8100 Motherboard upgrade

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Hello everybody. I want to upgrade the motherboard of my Dell Studio XPS 8100 to one USB 3.0 capable, and repleace my Core i5 First Generation to Core i7 Third Generation.

I was thinkng an ASUS motherboard, but I don't know what kind of this can fit into the case and don't buy one to biggest. Any idea?

Thanks for the help and greatings from Mexico.

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  • A micro-ATX board should fit, but you may need to change some of the female case wiring connectors. (You can get these from Front-X by mail order.) Also, you would be in violation of the Windows OEM license if you reactivated your OEM product code using a non-Dell motherboard.

    I installed an Asus Core i5 in an XPS 7100 case (similar to yours) and that was my experience.

  • I was considering the same thing for my xps 8100 i7 last week, just got this tho and I love it.

    $22 and has 3 usb 3.0 ports