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XPS One 27 and KM713 Wireless keyboard and mouse


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XPS One 27 and KM713 Wireless keyboard and mouse

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I just got an XPS One 27 and am having trouble connecting the Wireless keyboard and mouse.

I have removed the batteries several times, ensured that the switches were on on the keyboard and mouse by watching the green LED for 15 seconds, removed the USB adapter Under the XPS and placed it in another USB port, replaced back in its original port, restarted the computer; and unfortunately it still does not work.

Does any one have any clue of what I can try next ?

Best regards,



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  • Hi Laurent,

    Merry Christmas!

    Sorry about the problems with the keyboard. I have the same set but no such problems. Open control panel from the desktop settings menu and let me know what you see by way of devices. My list shows the keyboard and mouse as a device in the top row.

  • Hi Osprey,

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too !

    The devices in the control panel shows "DELL KM713 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse" in the list, not at the top, but in the list, right after the keyboard and mouse I am using as replacements. I should mentionned I have tried removing the replacement USB keyboard and mouse, but it still does not change anything.

    So if you have any more hints, please feel free, I'll appreciate it.

    Thanks again,


  • So the KM713 appears in devices, but do you see any exclamation point or any other indication of an error? If a device is not available, it should be dimmed or greyed out. Does the KM713 appear that way?

    By the way, as a USB device, you should not need to restart the system in order for the device to be recognized.

  • Nope.

    No exclamation point, no change in appearance, it is just in the list like the others.

    I understand about the USB not needing a restart, and as such, the device appears and disappears correctly when you unplug it and replug it in.

    But still the keyboard and mouse do not work ... I am a little bit at a loss, I would do a reinstall of the driver but oddly I cannot find it on Dell's site. I found the one for the on-screen indicator but not for the device itself.

  • So it seems the device is recognized as connected by the computer but simply not working. If you needed to provide a driver--which you shouldn't--there should be an error or some other indication that the device was not working or not properly installed. 

    I would contact tech support and ask for a replacement. Sorry about that.

  • was this resolved?

    ive just bought a dell xps 2720 and cannot get the mouse or keyboard to work

  • I had to buy a new keyboard and mouse.Tech support might have helped to get a replacement but it was too slow and complicated, it was just easier and faster than to have to explain it all again.


  • I have the same problem. The box for the keyboard & mouse shows a small usb receiver in the packaging list, but when I emailed tech support about my box not having a receiver, I was told I didn't need one. The keyboard & mouse are not working, not showing up, nothing.

  • Hi Seasara,

    Wow, that's very frustrating! My suggestion would be to call tech support and ask for their help setting it up or diagnosing if there is a problem. In the meantime, if you have a USB keyboard and mouse, you should be able to use that.

  • Hey,

    I had the same problem and it turns out that the input devices are not paired out-of-the-box.

    Hit you 'Windows'key and start typing Logitech Unifying Software. Select it in the search results and use the on-screen instructions to pair you mouse and keyboard.

    I didn't read the instructions and the owner's manual, but it would be wrong for this pairing procedure to not be there.

    I hope this helps.


  • This is interesting I purchased a Dell XPS 2720 with windows 8.1. I also purchased a Dell KM 714 wireless keyboard and mouse. After a while suddenly the keyboard and mouse was locked up. Unplugging the Logitech unifying USB dongle and plugging it in again unlocked the problem. But after a while the keyboard and mouse got locked up again. I received a new set Dell KM714 keyboard and mouse with a new unifying USB dongle included. The Logitech set-up software didn't recognize the unifying USB dongle. I received another kit mouse and keyboard and was able to install the unifying USB dongle and the keyboard with the Logitech set-up software. After a short while the mouse and keyboard got locked out again. I had now three Dell KM714 kits. None of the Logitech USB unifying dongle did work. After a while I tried one of the USB unifying dongle again and now the Logitech USB unifying dongle got recognized and I was able to set up the mouse and keyboard again. At this moment everything appears to work fine. What could cause this error to occur almost at random? I am afraid the mouse and keyboard will get locked again after a while. The Logitech unifying software is up to date and the batteries in the devices are all new.