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A New Inspiron One 2330

  • I can not find any info that will help me with my new inspiron One2330 computer I just got last Friday from Dell on line. I do not need a manual that tells me how to replace the camera I need a user guide that tells me how to use it and everything I pull up or down load is not a user guide, also would like to knowr what the 3 buttons are on the side of the monitor above the power button. I am not building my computer I just want to know what all the buttons are for and how to use my new system. Can you send me a link to this information so I know what everything is for and also how to set the camera as it is very fuzzy. 


  • Hi Ltlev6,

    Here is the reference guide and set up guide for your computer. I have attached the file.

    7713.inspiron-one-23-2330-aio_Reference Guide_en-us.pdf

    6835.inspiron-one-23-2330-aio_Setup Guide_en-us.pdf

    The 3 buttons above the power button are used to increase/decrease the volume level and change the display settings.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Appu S
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  • Thank you very much this will help with the buttons and learning the monitor, I will try to find info on the camera on line.

  • Hi Ltlev6,

    Thank you for the response. You can adjust the camera settings using the steps mentioned below (for Windows 8 operating system):

    • From the Start screen, click the 'Camera' tile to open the app
    • If the app asks to use your camera and microphone, choose 'Allow'
    • Adjust the settings, if desired
    • To snap a photo, click anywhere on the screen
    • The camera app saves all your snapped photos and videos in a folder called 'Camera Roll' in your Pictures library.

    The different camera settings available are as follows (example screenshot):

    • Change camera: Meant for laptops and tablets with front and back facing cameras, this button lets you toggle between the two cameras.

    • Camera Options: Clicking this icon brings the pop-up menu similar to the one shown in the right of the figure. Here, you can choose your camera’s resolution and toggle between different microphones attached to your computer. If you see 'More Options' at the pop-up menu’s bottom edge, choose it to tweak even more options offered by your particular camera.



    • Timer: Helpful for setting up shots, this tells the camera to snap the photo three seconds after you click the screen. (When you click the icon, it turns white, letting you know it’s turned on.)

    • Video mode: Click this icon to shoot videos rather than still shots. Clicking the screen toggles the video on and off. (The video icon turns white when activated, so you know the camera’s in video mode.) While recording, a small timer appears in the screen’s bottom-right corner, letting you know the video’s current length.

    If you have Windows 7 installed on the computer, you can access and adjust 'Dell Webcam Central' software:

    Here are the steps to start Dell Webcam Central:

    1. Make sure to start the Dell Webcam Central in a well lighted area (a blank, black or dark screen can be caused by low light conditions).
    2. Click ‘Start’
    3. Click ‘All Programs’
    4. Click ‘Dell Webcam’
    5. Click ‘Webcam Central’ to start the program

    To know on how to use the feature of Dell Webcam Central, you can refer to the link 

    Hope this helps. Please revert for further clarification.  

    Thanks & Regards,
    Appu S
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  • Hi,


    I just bought the Dell Inspirion All in One 2330 and I just put it together last night. When I tested everything, the camera is really fuzzy. In the screen that you show with more options, I do not have the part that says Focus and Exposure. Can you help me? 

  • Thank you for the info, when I click on "More" I get the Brightness and Contrast and the Flicker but the Focus and Exposure is not there..

  • Hi litlev6/Ghneim,

    I have check the camera settings for Inspiron 2330. The 'Focus' and 'Exposure' options are not available. These options vary depending on system types (desktops/laptops). Some options are available for desktops and others are available only for laptops. You can try to change the brightness and contrast. Ensure that the Photo resolution is set to the highest. The lower the megapixel rating on the camera, the more distortion and grain the pictures taken can have. The amount and type of ambient light will affect the color and the brightness of any pictures taken.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Appu S
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  • I'm sure you have already figured out what the three buttons above the power button are by now. The Quick Start Guide listed them when I read it today after receiving my new Inspiron One 2330. However I am very frustrated. I unpacked it from the box and followed all the instructions to set it up and I hit the power button and it sounded like it came on, BUT there was NOTHING on the screen. I tried everything to get something to come on the screen with no results. I finally called Dell out of frustration and the tech tried to walk me through all the trouble shooting techniques he knew but to no avail. Now they are having to send a field Rep out to my house within the next two or three days to see what the problem is.

    My question is this: Have you had any problems with yours since you bought it last December? If this is going to be a real problem and be tempermental, I would rather send it back right now then to continue to have problems with it.

    Please let me know if you still have yours and if you are experiencing any more trouble with it. Thanks,  Jane Knight

  • I have not had any issues with mine and really do like it. I have unplugged it and moved it twice trying to decided where I really wanted it and that hasn't seemed to bother it, I wish I had done a couple thing different but nothing important. I will replace the keyboard as the one that came with it is very cheap and I don't care for it. Hope they get yours working for you soon and you become happy with it. 


  • Thanks, jesse...........I really appreciate the reply. Makes me feel a little better about this purchase, even though I haven't heard anything yet from Dell as to when they are going to send someone out to get it going. Pretty frustrating to have a brand new "All-in-One" sitting here and can't even get it to turn on. I am pretty computer savy but this has got me stumped. Can't do much when you can't get anything on the screen but blackness. I'll keep you posted.   Jane

  • I will call them everyday and also use the tec email, they should at least give you an idea when someone will be out..

  • sorry that should of been I would call them every day meaning you not me lol sorry for the error on the post...