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Optiplex 745 Temperatures

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Hi, I recently bought an optiplex 745 SFF.

It has an E6600 CPU (max temp is listed as 60C), but the cpu fan stays at just under 1200 rpm until the cpu temperature gets about 2 degrees under the maximum.

Is this normal? I upgraded from a gx520 which doesnt have a temperature sensor but usually idles around 1000 rpm but the speed increases quickly when its under load. The new 745 doesn't though, just stays at a low speed until the cpu reaches the maximum temperature listed by intel.

I'm starting to think that the fan controller isn't working properly because yesterday  it got stuck at 1900 rpm and the chipset fan was on full, but the cpu was only 25C. Also, controlling the fan doesn't seem to work properly. I'm using hwinfo64 and on the gx520 you can either set it to 900, 1750 or 345 rpm and the fan actually goes to that speed. Yesterday, when the fan got stuck on a high speed, the controller was behaving the same as the 520. But it usually spins at 3000 if you set 3450, and 900 if you set 1750.

Another thing I'm concerned about is that I get totally different readings from different programs. hwinfo and speedfan show the same temperatures, but coretemp shows about 5C higher (although its not always higher by the same amount) .

There is also little airflow in the case with the fans on low and the heatsink on the graphics card (x1300 pro, passive cooling) gets very hot. I cant hold my finger ont here for more than a second. Does this mean its too hot? Ive seen online that this card has a temp sensor but I havent found a program that can read it (ive tried hwinfo, gpu-z and speedfan).

Should I be concerned about these temperatures and the lack of cooling? 


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  • Is the system getting hot and is performance affected?  Yes - then you should be concerned.

    It sounds like the fans are working/spinning, but just not optimized.  I would do the following:

    * Update the BIOS (this is what optimizes fan operation)

    * Clean the system for dust if airflow is poor.

    * Run diags (sometimes, but not always, it identifies fan errors)

  • It is getting hot, as I said the cpu temperature reaches the maximux listed by Intel and the heatsink on the GPU is too hot to touch.

    Performance is not affected though, the cpu stays at full frequency even when transcoding 1080p video in real time.

    I updated the bios to the latest version when I installed drivers. This was before I even looked at the temperatures.