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TP713 wireless touchpad it really this bad or am I missing something?


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TP713 wireless touchpad it really this bad or am I missing something?

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I got my TP713 wireless touchpad today. I bought this as a Win8 replacement for my Logitech Wireless Touchpad for Win7, figuring why not try the Dell version with my Inspiron One 2320?  So far, no good.

The installation instructions basically are non-existent.  Worse, there don't seem to be ANY tools for customization:

  • I cannot seem to turn off "tap to select" which is a real annoyance if you are ham-handed like I am.
  • I seem to be stuck with Apple-esque "Lion" scrolling where the page scrolls opposite of what I expect.
  • Nowhere to enable/disable gestures on a one-off basis
  • I have to use TWO Dell dongles, one for this and one for my keyboard. Seriously???
Now, normally this might not bug me, but my old Logitech's SetPoint software lets me do ALL of that stuff.  So what am I missing?  Did Dell really go toe to toe with Logitech and completely miss the software boat? Or is there some set-up and config utility that I am missing.
Without that SW this puppy is going back and I am getting the T650.  Shame, really.
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  • -- service manual.

    I believe, but I could be wrong, that this uses the same settings as Control Panel > Mouse > Touchpad, but I could be wrong.  

    Here is a touchpad agent that I found on the Dell Site:

    Let us know.

  • Yes, and therein lies the rub.  See, the Logitech adds it's own extra tab to that control panel, which gives you all the extra settings and configurability.  Dell does not. Dell gives you a trackpad but expects you to configure it the same as a mouse, so many of the things that you would *expect* to be configurable there are missing.

  • Have you tried downloading and running the touchpad gesture demo app at that link in your post for help with this product?

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  • Yes.  That is nothing much but a demo on how to use the new features.

  • HELP!  I purchased the TP713 last year but only recently tried to use it.  I've spent many hours trying to get it to work without success.  I have downloaded the demo app but it is only a demo (Why must I add an application to my desktop when I could watch the silly video on the internet?).  There are no drivers to download anywhere and the other app to download, which I did, does not configure this device.  

    The control panel of my desktop contains the usual tabs for a mouse but there is not any option to configure the 2-finger or 3-finger gestures.  After searching many forums for hours, I can state with 100% confidence that there is no known solution and all who purchased this are experiencing the same thing.  After reading others' experiences about contacting Dell, I realize that is pointless.  The damn thing is a scam.  There should be a recall and/or Dell should refund everyone's money if they will not respond to these blessed forums.  I would not believe this had I not experienced it personally.