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Dell Vostro 200 network adapter


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Dell Vostro 200 network adapter

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Dell Vostro 200 mini tower:

The stock network adapter is not working for cable internet. It was working fine with DSL.

Can someone please recommend a replacement card that they know for sure works for the Vostro 200 mini tower?

I need this network adapter to be compatible with Ubuntu.

I found this after some research, but I'm not sure if it will work with Ubuntu:

Please help.

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  • Hi Hardware_noob,

    There is no difference between DSL and cable internet as far as the network card is concerned. So I suspect you have a configuration problem. Do you have the NIC set to acquire an IP address automatically? Was there any software installed by your DSL provider to configure the system? If so, it might be necessary to clean out those settings.

  • Thank you for reply.

    Yes, I have it set to both "Obtain an IP address automatically" AND "Obtain DNS server address automatically."

    I followed this guide:

    However, I did notice when I connect the internet cable to the router in the #2 port the #2 has NO lights. Also, in the back where the network adapter usually blinks a light like it does on my other desktop the Vostro is completely dark and NO blinking lights.

    The strange thing is that in Device Manager It says that "This device is working properly"

    Intel(R) 82562V-2 10/100 Network Connection

    This problem happened when I moved to my new apartment and I had NO router, but connected directly to cable modem. Everything worked great for a few days and then it went on and off and then completely went off after a few days. The cable technician came and set it to Obtain IP auto and it worked again only to go down a few hours later. I had to borrow my bro's desktop and am currently using that. I ended up buying a router though as I do have an Ipad I use.

    Lastly, I do run Comodo Internet Security with MalwareBytes so I very much doubt it could be any kind of malware doing this.

  • There should be a utility on the PC to check the network adapter. If not, try running the Dell diagnostics just on the network card.

    If the hardware diagnostics don't show a problem, then I suspect either a flaky network cable, or some setting left over from your DSL setup.

    You can use this Fix-it utility to clear out the old TCP settings.