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Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop Restore Factory Image Problem

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Dell Inspiron 530 model I530-110B
Want to factory restore.
Fully up to date.
BIOS, Chipset, Windows Vista 64bit

Tried cmd line: in safe mode, in safe mode with command prompt, and in regular login
cd tools
imagex /apply d:\dell\image\factory.wim 1 c:\

That is the correct path for factory.wim file
I get this after I run cmd.

Error Restoring Image
The process cannot access the file because it is
being used by another process.

Also tried going to the Recovery (D:) drive, and running
PCRestore from the tools menu.
I get an error, and it stops.

I was not given a Windows Vista 64 bit install disk when
I purchased the computer from Best Buy.
It came with the Drivers disc, and some of the installed programs

I could do a manual reformat of the c:\drive, but I dont have a Vista 64bit installation disk.

Shouldn't I be able to download it somewhere and use the tag on the computer that has the product key?

You would figure the image restore would work, and I see others had the same problem.

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  • Depends on which country you are in.

    Depends on whether or not your warranty is up to date.

    Dell may have you run diagnostics and could send a drive preinstalled with the OS.

    Anything that changes the partition structure including malware can "BREAK" the restore function.

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