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Hotspot Station - What is it?

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I just acquired a new computer and it has this Hotspot Station item on it that runs all the time.  What is it and can I uninstall or deactivate it?  It is located in the Dell Wireless/Hotspot folder?



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  • Gumboman,

    What specific Dell computer? What specific wireless card is installed?

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  • The computer is the Dell XPS 8500.  I'm not sure what wireless card is installed - how do I tell?  I've only had the computer for a few days, so am still trying to learn it.  Just trying to figure out all the programs starting at start-up and which ones are safe to disable.


  • Send me the service tag number via private message. Click my username and then Start a Conversation.

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  • I saw it on my XPS8500 and believe it allows your PC to act as a wifi access point to allow other devices to connect to your PC and share it's internet connection.

    Suppose you only have a wired internet connection from a cable modem going to your XPS8500, using the hotspot feature makes the XPS8500 become a wireless access point sharing the internet with your other wifi devices (all the time the XPS8500 is running and has this feature active)

  • Does that mean others, outside you home, etc - can also possibly access your network?

  • wireless  wifi is always a potential security risk by the nature of it being transmitted beyond your home so you would secure the hotspot with a password so providing you use a strong password it should prevent others from accessing the network.

  • Thanks for the reply.  Since I don't need it right now, how would you disable it for now, but be able to re-enable it in the future?

  • When you say your hotspot is running all the time where are you seeing this? on my XPS8500 I have to go to 'All Programs> Hotspot folder then start the 'Hotspot' software then add my password then hit the start button on the program to activate the hotspot. Unless I do all of those steps the Hotspot is not operating.

    Is it showing in the 'startup' folder or just the 'hotspot' folder amongst all other programs in the 'All Programs' menu?

    I do wonder whether your hotspot is working all the time?

    When I start my Hotspot software and click the help icon I get this info:


    Copyright © 2011 QualComm Atheros.
    All rights reserved.

    HotSpot is an application that allows you to turn your computer into a WIFI hotspot to share the Internet with your friends co-workers and devices. HotSpot utilizes your computers' built in WiFi card to wirelessly share any available Internet connections. Other Wi-Fi enabled devices can see and join your hotspot just like any other Wi-Fi access point and are kept safe and secure by password-protected WPA2 Encryption. Please press START button to enjoy this feature.

  • Maybe it was a fresh setup issue - I just setup the computer.  I checked the "Start" button items and it is no longer showing up there.


  • Oh when you press the start button it lists the most recently opened software but doesn't mean it's actually running. So nothing to worry about I think.

  • Ok,

    I don't recall setting a password for Hotspot, where do you do that.  I look at Help in the shortcut window, but it does not provide any information.


  • I click on All Programs then Hotspot folder then click the Hotspot icon to start up the software which starts this:

    Where it says Password you enter your own unique password then press the Start button to activate your hotspot.

    The Help is by clicking the ? on this program window.

  • I can get that window, but I have not yet set a password - where do you set the password for Hotspot?  That's what I am trying to figure out?

  • You enter any password you want where it says Password and allows you to type - it means that the hotspot is only available to others who know that exact password.

    So today I could turn on my hotspot, enter a password such as: mypassword7891 and anyone trying to connect to my hotspot needs that exact password. When I turn off the computer or stop the hotspot software it not longer allows anyone access to the wifi. The next time I start the hotspot I enter another password, it could be the same or different. The password needs to be set everytime you use the software.

    Just so it's clear -

    If you already have a wifi capability in your modem router or similar then there is no reason to use this at all.

    If you only have a wired modem connected directly to your PC using a network patch cable and wish to allow other devices access to share the internet that goes to your PC then you can use the Hotspot software.

  • Thanks, got it - understand now.