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Diskette drive 0 seek failure


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Diskette drive 0 seek failure

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Whenever i try to start up my computer this message pops: Diskette drive 0 seek failure. My os is xp and my computer model is vostro 200. please help

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  • AliBaba1999

    If you do not have a floppy drive installed, then the BIOS may be looking for the drive which is not there, so it returns the error.

    Check that the Diskette drive [Drive A] is disabled in the system Setup [BIOS], so that it will no longer look for the drive and see if this stops the error message.

    Also, check that the 'Boot Other Device' option is set to Disabled.



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  • Hi,

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    The problem of Diskette drive 0 seek failure is when the diskette drive gets enabled in BIOS. You need to go to the BIOS by tapping F2 on boot up and then disable the option.

    Please take a look at the picture:

    You need to select Drive A and make it [None]

    Please reply with anymore queries.

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  • when i go to the menu i only find 'boot other device' but cant find anything about a Diskette Drive or drive a. when i disabled boot other device and started up the same message appeared with the black page

  • The diskette drive 0 seek failure message doesnt show anymore but now a message says 'a problem has been detected and winows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer' it says this with a blue screen. now what do i do

  • after i did what u said and also disabled 'boot other device' the computer started except when i almost got the the welcome page, a blue screen said 'a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.  it also says to disable or uninstall any anti-virus, disk fragmentation, or backup utilities. but i cant do any of this because it wont give me access to my admin account.

  • Hi,

    If you got the blue screen,please note down the stop error code that starts with 0x..............,this error code will help us to let you know the exact problem.

    Please reply.

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  • Hello, I did not start this conversation but was browsing to see if I can fix my computer and see that zI am having the same trouble. I selected none for disk  A from the f2 start up menu and it did not help. I am receiving a blue error message stating that my computer shuts down for its protection. I have an stop error message: 0x00000116

    the screen is only up fpr a minute so i hope I got all the numbers form the code. thanks!

  • Any suggestions if F2 doesn't take me to the BIOS? F1 to continue and F12 do not work either. Working on a friend's old computer; willing to totally reformat and start over, but I can't get past this message.  Thanks!