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Xps 8500 "freeze"

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I purchased the desktop one month ago, and generally am pleased. From the first operation, I have had four cpu lockups. The screen is frozen, even the clock desktop gadget hands are stopped. The only recovery is a power cycle. I checked the event reg and have no help there. Has anyone else out there run into something similar? I have since upgraded my hd to 256 gb ssd and that made my ops faster, but have still run into the random lockup. I kind of suspect the amd video card, but am still not sure. Any ideas would be nice.
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  • I am the originator on this subject and want to report the outcome.

    Well ... I am pleased with the results of the motherboard replacement.  It worked!  I have no clue as to exactly  what was wrong with the initial motherboard, but the replacement is sure welcome.  I have NOT had a lockup in over six months.  Perfect operation.  Changed to Win 8 and have no issues there either, except getting used to where stuff is in Win8.  Confusing at times.

    So, I believe, there is a weakness with something on the motherboard.   I checked the events log prior to actual factory shipment and found some lockups at the factory just before shipment to me.  That disturbs me!  Dell should know  better.  Some of us GEEKS can locate those logs.  Never ship an item that has displayed an error without knowing what caused it.

    So ... I  will drop into the background for now, hoping you guys can get things resolved.

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  • I have the XPS 8500.  I don't have your specific issue, but I often have black/shadow square on my screen.  I also suspect it's the cheapy 7750.  I also experience windows explorer crashing on occasion, but reboot usually do the trick for me too.

  • Is there an updated video driver available either from Dell or ATi for this card?

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  • Diagnostics recorded a HDD drive problem, not the OS but the DATA drive.  I had changed the system drive to an SSD and made the provided HDD the DATA drive.  The problem still surfaced, even though it was on the non OS drive.  I am getting a replacement and will verify that it cures the issue.  Seems for now this is a closed issue.  Until later.

  • I am also having random lockups with windows 7 on my xps 8500. I've used my ssd and the sea gate 2tb and no matter what I cannot get rid of the random lockups. Sometimes I can still move the mouse and other times I cannot. No BSOD either. Did you replace some hardware and did this resolve the issue?
  • Yes, I discovered through some chat sessions and on line troubleshooting, that my motherboard had an issue.  It showed up finally as to disabling my sound on board.  To troubleshoot, I changed my display to the Intel built in, changed memory, changed drives, with the only thing that was left was the motherboard.   I doubted that it was an issue, but on line troubleshooting by DELL techs put some doubt into the motherboard.  When the sound finally failed, Dell sent a tech to change the motherboard.  That was over two weeks ago and I have not had any issues since.  Works great.  I usually got a lockup at least once a day at random times.  None since the motherboard was changed.  Your problem may be different, but I would pursue a replacement if that is possible.  Means, a tech will come out and disrupt your computer for that day or portion and you have to be home, plus stay around, etc.  I offered to do that myself, but Dell declined.  I now have all my original components in there with the exception of upgraded drives and more memory

  • i also have this issue and it's driving the family crazy.  freezes up and i have to power off.

    usb still has power, as mouse is lit up and i can plug in my phone and it charges it.

    time to contact Dell.

  • Hello Brucered,

    I believe you are facing this issue with an XPS 8500. There are few steps I would suggest, please check when exactly does the computer freezes. Disconnect all the peripherals from the computer except the monitor, keyboard, mouse, the power cable and then restart the computer and check the functionality. I would suggest you to run the hardware diagnostics. In order to run the Diagnostics follow the link mentioned below.

    Updating the BIOS can also be tried. Follow the link mentioned below to update the latest version of BIOS.
    -- Enter the system service tag.
    -- Choose the Operating system.
    -- Download and Install the latest BIOS version.
    -- Restart the computer and check the functionality.
    Please reply with the result, I’d be glad to assist you further.

    Thanks & Regards
    Allan D
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  • Thanks Allan...

    I'm updating all my Dell files now, will run diagnostic and report back.


  • No errors...

  • Hi, 

    Thank you for replying. I really appreciate your effort on running the hardware diagnostics. Since the test had passed on all the hardware components, It is most likely to be some software issue. I would like to know if you have updated the BIOS to the latest version. In case you are still facing the issue after BIOS update, please follow the steps mentioned below. 

    I would also suggest running the Microsoft Fix it for the performance issue. Please refer the link mentioned below for the Microsoft fix it.
    Run the Performance Troubleshooter
    Run the Maintenance Troubleshooter

    For more details, please follow the link : http://dell.to/gXjZ10

    Please try the steps and write back to us. I’d be glad to assist further.


    Thanks & Regards
    Allan D
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  • still freezing.  all up to date.

    vostro never froze.

    i will contact dell in the coming weeks to attend my residence and fix/replace motherboard etc.

  • this Dell 8500 Paper Weight has froze 3 times in the last 20min...What's up with this thing.

    no issues on any troubleshooters either.

  • Hi,

    Apologies for the late response. In this case we would have to re-install windows as we had already tested the functionality of the hardware components.
    Perform a PC Restore (Factor Image). Doing a PC Restore would take the computer to the original factory settings.
    **Note: Please ensure to back up all the data from your computer before performing the PC Restore as it would erase everything from your computer.

    Please reply with the results; I’d be glad to assist you further.

    Thanks & Regards
    Allan D
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  • not what i wanted to hear.  what a freaking hassle for this stupid CPU.

    Dells should be and may (when i call) coming to to fix it, doing the work for me and backing up and restoring my programs.  this is not a project for the consumer to have to undertake and put them out for hours, if not days re-installing all the programs i have one etc.

    not cool.

  • is there no "Crash Report" or log dump to show show is causing the machine to halt.

    everything is lit up, mouse, keyboard, but nothing works.  i was just surfing the net, paused to do something for 10sec, and my mouse froze up and i had to reboot, yet again.