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optiplex gx280 flashing amber light


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optiplex gx280 flashing amber light

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I just got my old PC out of garage (Dell Optiplex GX280) to connect to TV, so i connected everything (with wireless keyboard and it is working fine in boot). The PC does not have any OS installed on the PC, so inserted Windows 7 CD on the PC, so i turned on and got dell loading screen and after that it does blank.

Then restarted the PC using power button and pressed F12 and nothing happens as screen goes blank, then i thought let me check out BIOS so restarted and pressed F2 and it showed entering BIOS and blank screen, so thought let me connect the normal TFT Screen instead of the TV. I got the screen connected and now it does not turn on and getting amber light.

I am not sure what went wrong and i tried and pressed the power button for few seconds to turn off and restarted but no luck.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the community

    Did you hear any beep? Did you see any light aside from the power button light? Check the front panel LEDs.

    Few steps to try: Reseat devices and cables inside the tower. Like the cables of the hard drive and optical drive. Also reseat the rams or memories. Also reseat the main cable (P1) it is the cable from the power supply going to the mainboard. Then test the computer again.

    OptiplexGX280 Manual ; <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    Let me know of the results, glad to help!

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  • Hi Elijah

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    As i was googling online, i came across this link johnlamansky.com/.../a-blinking-orange-power-light - I read through Jims comment on page 5 (second from the top) and so you replied something similar.

    I had a little success as i was able to start the computer and so the dell logo loading bios and then press F2 and it got switched off and after that blinking amber light.

    I tried to follow Jim's comment few times but it is still show a blinking amber light on the power.

    At the front panel nothing turns on except the blinking amber light for power.

    Any help will be appreciated !!



  • Hi Bhavesh,

    When you turn on the computer did you hear the fan spin? Try removing all rams(memory), and turn on the computer without ram/s. See if the computer beeps, or will do something else. Do you have an add-on video card? If yes, remove it and use the integrated graphics port.  Let me know of the results.

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  • Hi Elijah,

    When i turned on the computer yesterday - nothing happens, i did not hear any fan spin i.e. power supply or processor except the flashing amber light and to get ride of it i hold the power button for about 5 secs to turn off completely and then turn on and it is flashing amber light again.

    Also i did try removing all rams and add-on display card but did not hear any beep.

    Also - tried removing the CMOS battery but no luck.

    Please advise?



  • Hi Bhavesh,

    Im afraid this is either a motherboard or power supply issue. If you push the button, can you check what will happen to the PSU (at the back).  

    Computer should beep if there is no RAM present during POST process. I wish this is under warranty so I can help with the service.

    If you will replace a part try to replace the PSU first (if failed).


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  • Thanks - it was PSU replaced and working fine.

  • You are welcome! Feel free to post back here in our community for any concerns.

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  • Elijah I have the same problem described here - can you just clarify please - how exactly do I tell if it is Psu or mobo without replacing either? Many thanks, Paul
  • First of all,  If you are sure that power supply and RAM etc are OK  then press tightly and hold the processor heat sink,  Now turn on the power  If the front light is green then remove the board from chassis and Install and Damaged Processor in socket and tight it to make some pressure on socket .  Now heat the Processor socket with at 450 degree centigrade temperature to Re-Ball Processor socket pins.

    I tried it on many Dell Motherboards to overcome the problem successfully.  In some cases I had to heat the North Bridge Chip the Main Chip.

    But, Fairly the chances of success are much less.  I used to this technique and found it successful in some cases and I shared.

    Good Luck and Share you experiences to help others.