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PSW T7500 Supported CPUs

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In BIOS A04 supposedly support was added for a single socket W3680 (if you read the notes listed on the download page for A04). I have a rev 3 board with the latest A14 BIOS and it won't POST with the LEDs 2, 3, 4 blinking after swapping my E5630 for a W3680. I have RAM rated for the faster 1333 speed that a W3680 should provide and have reset the CMOS without any luck. This leads me to belive that the support of the W3680 was an error. Can someone from Dell confirm or deny the legitamacy of a single socket W3680 on a T7500 please?
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  • It supports

    • Intel® Xeon® 6-Core (X5690, X5675, X5660, X5650, E5645)
    • Intel® Xeon® (X5660)
    • Intel® Xeon® Quad Core (X5687, X5647, E5620, E5607, E5606, E5603


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  • Hi,

    What version of BIOS is safe to upgrade to for x5650 ?


  • I am looking to buy a Dell T7500 or a Dell T5500, I also have been looking at the HP z600 and z800. 

    I am on team low budget and would like to get a computer that I can upgrade to top specs over time . I am not a gamer, nor a computer whiz. In the scope of things I really don't need a computer that I already have. But I have geeky friends and they are encouraging me to get one of the above mentioned systems. One of their key points is they are just as good if not better than current  I3 and I5 setups.

    What I would like to do is buy a base computer and upgrade as I go

    what processor should I start out with to end up eventually be a X5660 -X5690

  • First question - what do you need it for ?

  • I won't use it for much.  In fact my old p4 system does all i need it to do.  Except play counter strike, and sid myers civilization. I will enjoy watching my seti packet counts Climb.

  • If you have too much money - go for T7600 ...

  • That t7600 is easy way over my budget.  I will be using it mostly as a desk top. i just want some thing that's not the average desk top.  My friends tell me that the system  that i pointed out is superior to I3 and I5. In some ways better than the I7 for the same budget.