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error unknown' switch--auto'


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error unknown' switch--auto'

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l get a small box that pops up on the screen, error unknown' switch--auto'    I've done some researh but can't find any thing that helps

I have a Dell Dimension 520    windows vista home premium edition  32-bit  ,,service pack 2

product Dell DM061

service <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

express service code  <ADMIN NOTE: Express service code removed per privacy policy>

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  • Why did you start a new thread instead of responding to the other one you started on this same topic?

    It's a violation of the forum's Terms Of Use to post a Service Tag or Express Service Code, because it might expose your personal info. Please remove them asap, before the moderators delete this entire thread.

    You still haven't told us when you see this popup. Does it appear as soon as you boot up, or when you launch a specific application, etc??

    What happens if you boot in Safe Mode? (Reboot and press F8 before Windows starts to load.)

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  • i had the same problem start a few days ago...its a program switching to auto start....check your programs to see what was installed around the time you first experienced this problem.....for me it was a 'print projects' or 'print creations' program....uninstall it and the problem should go idid for me anyway


  • Uninstall HP Photo Creations.  

    This is not a Dell issue.

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  • i unistalled print projects we'll see!!  

    i install a logitechcordless  mouse about that time ,also has some kind of auto switch.

  • so far ,good,since i uninstalled print projects