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Dell Optiplex 390: Communications Drivers Fail to Download


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Dell Optiplex 390: Communications Drivers Fail to Download

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We recently got 7 Dell Optiplex 390 PCs for our office and as these are in newly born state with no software installed we now have to go about installing OS (Win7) and applications, and drivers, etc, in them.  There were no Dell drivers included in the packages and therefore I have been trying to download the drivers for these machines but the following four Communnications drivers will not download - even after four days of trying.  I am always getting a "broken link" error for these four even though other drivers in the download page have downloaded successfully.  I have tried varous methods (through Download Manager/directly/etc) but no joy.  There is no Dell representation in Nepal and the local Dell partner who supplied these machines do not have a website to download the drivers from.  We will have to get it physically from them and this will take a few days due to various problems.  The driver downloads that have failed are:
1.) Dell-Utility - CONEXANT_D400-USB-MODEM_DPP14_A00_SETUP_ZPE.exe(3MB)
2.) Dell-Driver - CONEXANT_D400-USB-MODEM_RY5VP_A02_SETUP_ZPE.exe(1MB)
3,) Dell-Diagnostics Utility - CONEXANT_D400-USB-MODEM_2M98F_A01_SETUP_ZPE.exe(1MB)
4.) Dell-Application - CONEXANT_D400-USB-MODEM_J6N4K_A02_SETUP_ZPE.exe(6MB)

Would anyone be so kind so as to suggest/advise an alternative site or method for getting these drivers?
Thanks in advance.
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  • The drivers all link to which doesn't exist any more.

    This has been reported on the Rockstar Forums and hopefully the links will be amended soon.

    Philip Yip


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  • Thank you very much Natakuc4.  Dell's Drivers and Downloads site seems to be a bit messed up.  The drivers listed for a service tag look comprehensive but some of them always seem to turn out to be the wrong ones, or non relevant ones, or will not download, or will not install. It always seems to be taking longer than usual to finish setting up Dell computers.   I do hope that Dell will sort this out very soon.  I wonder how much longer it is going to take me this time to get all the drivers for our new PCs.  I read your comments/ideas and I agree wholeheartedly with them.  Our office were previously using other brands but we decided to go with Dell this time partly based on my previous positive experience with Dell PCs many years ago in a different organization.  This is the third time in the past twelve months that I have run into problems getting drivers for Dell computers.  In this day and age, downloading and installing drivers and programs for a new big-brand computer through the net should be a much more straightforward experience.

  • The download site is indeed messed up (as well as the FTP site which was a well intentioned but untested suggestion).

    I tried to grab them for you to put up on Dropbox, but despite trying multiple internet providers and dns all failed.  That confirms that the problem is clearly on Dell's side.  Looks like you are just going to have to wait to until they get their act together.