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Dell Optiplex 790 Fan Noise


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Dell Optiplex 790 Fan Noise

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I bought a brand new Dell Optiplex 790 with SSD, 8GB Ram and i7. The System is brilliant so far.

The only thing is the noise of the CPU Fan, with is "very noisy" for a business device such this. I know, this is not very precise, but I don't have a decibel measure device ;-) Normally, the business desktops are nearly noiseless. 

I thought I could update the chipset for possible failures, but everything seems to be up to date (Dell Client System Update).

Does anybody has a idea what I could do? Maybe missing Software or other points?

Thank you very much!
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  • I have a 790 sitting right next to me, with the only differences being mine has an i5 and I'm running and SSD and a HDD.  It sits there perfectly silent while I compile Java code and run a Windows 7 VM in the background.  I would suspect a fan problem with yours - try reseating your fans and make sure the cover is on securely.

  • Thanks for your hint. I'll give a try in the next minutes.

    I found a hardware analysis tool at startup. The normal Fan-speed was for the CPU and Motherboard-Fan around 1600RPM. This semms in my opinion ok. Under high performance they raised up to 2400 RPM, which was even more loud than "normal" :)

    So I hope you are right and something with the seating is wrong.. 

  • I checked the seating of my fans. everythings seems to be how is has to be.. :(

  • Did you simply check the seating, or did you reseat the connector?  

  • i just checked it. You mean I should really reseat the fan(s)?...

  • Yes, actually reseating (removing, then re-establishing the electrical connection) is an important step when devices are not working properly.  If not enough juice is flowing through a bad connection, it could cause the fan to report incorrectly or not spin high enough (or too high), causing other fans to kick up to compensate.  Reseating is a common fix for seemingly bad memory, drives, fans, expansion cards, etc.

  • Ok, I reseatet the FAN-connectors - but no change... Any Idea?

  • For all the other guys with the same problem:

    finally I ordered a IT technican who replaced the fan (CPU-Fan). Result: no change :-)

    Since I live in the countryside we have almost no ambient noise. This is maybe the reason for the noisy perception. So I'm looking forward to the great age with hearing problems ;-)

  • Just a wild one,

    Try disconnecting the PC speaker from the motherboard, which is at the front of the case/mb under the HDD. (just a white 4pin connector)

    It fixed the problem for me, let me know if it works.