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Dimension 3000 upgrades HELP PLEASE!


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Dimension 3000 upgrades HELP PLEASE!

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HI, I've recent l thought to upgrade my dimension 3000 (took long enough) and I bought 2 1gb sticks of Ram (corsair) and an ATI radeon 9200 graphics card. I installed them both correctly (I think) however there is a few problems. First of all the computer would boot up fine but when i went to play a game (age of empires 3) it would crash to desktop (it would only do this when gameplay had started) so I thought the power was the problem. So i removed the card and uninstalled the drivers. Then I got the problem that every application that I was trying to run would be forced to shut down soon after opening (visual basic, internet explorer). So I removed the new ram and put the old ones (2, 256mb) back in and everything was fine again. Why where these problems happening and how to a go about sorting them out because i'm really strapped for cash at the min and buying these upgrades has pushed me far enough as it is. 

Cheers in advance for any help/advice you can give

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  • Hi Smile

    So you added new ram 2x1GB ram sticks from Corsair.

    Is this the memory (  I got this from corsair.com )

    Try and download Memtest and check your ram with this test or use Dell diagnostics.

    Is the card okay with older ram ?

    Try one stick at a time first though :).

  • I think I found the problem with the ram, I bought pc3200 instead of pc2700, would this make the difference? Was it the ram that stopped the graphics card from working or do I need more power?

  • The Radeon 9200 is a terrible card.  Geforce 5500 or 6200 or 8400 would be a better choice.

    Rather than spend money on upgrading a 3000 though I would look at a newer machine like optiplex 620.

    Dell OptiPlex GX620 Pentium D 3.0GHz 4GB 160GB DVD±RW XP Professional Mini-Tower

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