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Precision - Amber Flashing Light with Diagnostic Code 1 and 3 (13)


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Precision - Amber Flashing Light with Diagnostic Code 1 and 3 (13)

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I'm troubleshooting a Dell Precision T3500 (still under warranty). It runs for up to four minutes, often less, or sometimes won't even boot all the way up. When it does shut off, the front light flashes amber and the codes 1 and 3 flash green on the front diagnostic code panel.

I'm already using Dell Technical Support. They've shipped out a New Power Supply but the computer does the same thing with the new power supply installed.

When we run the Dell Diagnostics from the Hard Drive it will spontaneously shut off with the same symptoms as listed above, usually somewhere during the RAM test.

Any ideas what this might be?

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  • Hi HKColorado,

    Did anyone from Dell tell you this is a memory configuration error?

    You might want to check this page on supported memory configurations. <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

  • I don't see how it could be a memory problem. The machine worked fine for about 1-1/2 years and one evening it suddenly started giving problems. The next morning it wouldn't boot. We didn't make any changes to the hardware since the computer was purchased.

    Dell is now going to send out a technician with a replacement motherboard. We'll see if that fixes it.

  • Ok,  let me know what happens.

    By the way, any component can fail. Even RAM.

  • Clicked on link and got this:  

    Server Error in '/support/Manuals' Application.

    Not fond of new site.  

    I was looking for light code for 1 and 3 amber.

  • Memory Configuration Error /BAD RAM is bad this is a very specific error.

    Power Button Light Codes

    The power LED located in the power button on the front of the computer illuminates and blinks or remains solid to indicate five different states:

    No light - System is in the off state (S5, or mechanical (AC power not applied) OFF).

    Solid Amber - System fault, but Power Supply is good normal operating state (S0 ).

    Blinking Amber - System fault error condition including Power Supply (only +5VSB working), Vreg failure, missing or bad CPU.

    Blinking Green - System is in power saving states S1, S3 or S4. (Blink rate is 1Hz). No fault/error condition.

    Solid Green - System is fully functional and is in S0 (ON) state.


    precision-t3500_Service Manual_en-us.pdf

    precision-t3500_setup guide_en-us.pdf

    precision-t3500_user's guide_en-us.pdf

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  • Well SpeedStar you are wrong.

    In our case the problem was solved only be replacing the Motherboard AND the processor. Dell replaced two motherboards before finally including the Processor. And yes they tried new RAM too but that didn't fix it.

    Replacing the motherboard and processor fixed our problem. Machine is still running great today.

    Those error messages can be Red Herrings. For example, when Windows says you have a certain file missing or corrupt, it can actually be the Hard Drive, or the RAM. The same is true on motherboards. What the motherboard detects as a RAM problem can actually be caused by something else like the Motherboard or Processor.