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Replace Hard Drive in XPS One All in One


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Replace Hard Drive in XPS One All in One

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I need a new hard drive for my XPS One and ordered a 750GB from Dell to replace the dying 250GB. I have replaced other parts using the documentation from Dell at this site (  It illustrates how to replace everything except the hard drive. Is there a message here? Anyone see any pitfalls in doing the replacement?

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  • Once you get the back cover off its pretty easy.

    XPS One™ Service Manual

    Technical Overview

    Before You Begin

    Replacing the Computer Cover

    Replacing the Stand

    Replacing the Top Shield

    Replacing Memory Module(s)

    Replacing Drives

    Replacing Cards

    Replacing the Processor Heat Sink Assembly

    Replacing the Processor

    Replacing the Battery

    System Setup


    captive screws (2)


    computer cover

    Replacing the Hard Drive

    1. Follow the procedures in Before You Begin.

    2. Remove the computer cover (see Replacing the Computer Cover).

    3. Remove the three screws securing the hard drive carrier to the chassis.

    4. Disconnect the hard drive power cable.

    5. Press the release tab to disconnect the hard drive data cable and lift the hard drive carrier out of the chassis.

    Inside View of Your XPS One™ A2420 Computer


    optical drive


    internal card with Bluetooth® wireless technology


    hard drive


    WLAN card


    memory modules


    processor heat sink assembly


    RF module


    graphics card heat sink