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DELL SK-8115 Keyboard Revisions


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DELL SK-8115 Keyboard Revisions

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This may seem like an odd question: what is the difference between the DELL SK-8115 keyboards in terms of the Revision Number?

For example: I have a DELL SK-8115 with Hungarian layout (S/N: CN-0DJ370-70917-842-L0A1) and it says on the back of the keyboard, that it's "REV A02". Now, I want to buy another one, but I could only find one labeled "REV A01". I've also seen on the internet that there's a "REV A03" (maybe even A04?).

What is the difference between these Revisions? Are these "bugfixes", fixes in the hardware of the keyboard? Do I need different drivers for the different revisions?



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